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Hello nauts,

Was wondering if there is a workaround for cleaning up your +Drive by removing all the samples that you are not using on your projects and keeping only the ones that are loaded on the tracks of each project. I tried to note down on a piece of paper (yeah, I know…) the numbers of each sample from each project but then I realised that it was a silly idea to begin with, since the numbers of each sample depend on the slot that they have been uploaded on ram of each project. Therefore, the same sample may have a different numbers across different projects.

Any ideas? How do you reorganise your sounds on +Drive?





watching this thread with interest! :slight_smile:


I dont, its too much hassle. If it hasnt been updated by the time I run out of room I will most likely go through and write down all my favourites and cull the rest one by one, fortunately I havnt loaded any sample packs so there shouldnt be much wastage.


Hello !
No possibilities for showing used sample in the sample pool is really a limit for me :frowning:

I load multiple samples, get the soundpool full, but don’t know which can I remove … :frowning:


I believe the only way to cope with this is to stream the stems of the projects you have made so far and work them out to tracks in DAW to save yourself from instant depression.
Restore the DT to factory and format +drive and start all over again. This time you commit yourself to take a piece of paper and rename every single sample or sound you make and store with a unique prefix number like 0000-Kick909 . Write down prefixes ready in use and guard that paper with your life for future sampling, soundstorage or transferfun. Next time you wanna clean up you can take another paper and load projects one by one and write down samples/sounds in use. Mark the ones with corresponding prefixes on the paper you made earlier and clean up the mess (the more samples the more fun:roll_eyes:) This seems a bogus idea and your right.
Am I doing this, no I’m so lazy I don’t even rename record000 to something recognizable. I’m just format the thing and start over again and treat myself on counseling to get over it.
Luckily I’m a eurorack addict too and am almost to a point of experiencing relief by starting with nothing and end up with nothing. A very ZEN like workflow!


I delete everything every 3 months. It’s so easy to come up with new stuff.


When you have already created a mess its almost impossible to clean it up in a reasonable timeframe.

I guess the impossibility to implement an “autodetection” which samples in the sample slot list of a project are used stems from two facts:

  1. you can modulate the used slot number by an LFO
  2. you can control the slot number by MIDI

Especially for (2) there is simply no way for the OS to detect an unused sample, because you can send the corresponding CC targeting any slot at any time. So every sample you loaded into the sample slot list is therefore “used”.

It’s completely up to you to load only samples into the sample slot list which you really want to use. The OS cannot help you in any way.



then save within a project or create a new folder with the name of the porject



That wouldn’t work on the DT due to how the +drive storage works on the DT (samples are stored only in one location / no duplicates allowed).


But presumably it would be possible to detect samples that are not loaded into any projects?


Well, that’s an other story, of course.


Thank for your replies, I come from electribe 2 and i would like to forget the sample management in this way, I was expecting a better view for sample usage, and no limit for the 127 samples in the soundpool…

The digitakt is the brain of my setup, i make techno live, not just a track, so 1 pattern can be played few minutes. Actually I have 16 pattern wich is my liveset (1 hour of playing).

I had to write down all the samples that i actually use in my patterns in an Excel spreadsheet, and sort by usage or not, Now i know that I use half of the samples in my soundpool, I can delete the other half.

Not a really fun way to manage the samples… When I will have my soundpool full of used sample, I will have to create another project etc… not the easiest way.

I was thinking to assemble all the samples for my bass for example, and choose the bass with the start sample parameter, but it make the computer mandatory for that, I will have to use Audacity a lot, and it’s not the way I want …

Sorry for the long post !


pretty sure I’m just going to have to bounce out everything I definitely need and start again from scratch at some point. Some kind of “back up entire device” function would be really useful…


I am quickly reaching that conclusion for myself, fortunately I’m a month in & during the ‘learning process’ I’ve discovered I’m a really untidy person :-). Now I’ve got a better handle on things regarding digitakt +drive & workflow it’s time to backup samples & start again.


just hoping i can fit the live set I have to build on and resample all the samples before deleting everything around it…


oh wow. thats a limitation then…ohkeey.
so, my hopes have been killed :wink: . Thanks for clarification !


Re to my post:

my new Re:
heading here out to whom has a clue about programming etc.:

speaking theoretically:
could a code be written so that “collect samples” would work this way: )???)
all samples in the project are collected
_they get stored within that new project related folder that is created automatically (same name as project)
_ these samples get stored as a dublicate, each with a slightly changed name.
On the ending for example. for example add -“c1” ( c stands for copy)

Q: is this correct, can this be donne by programmers ?..if anybody ever would want to do :wink:

i just opened crunch elk.
i think such “sample collect” functionality would ideally be implemented in the crunch elk editor.
The programm could also be written so that a “kind of a log” is created about the collected samples.
so when a copy of a sample with ending -c1 allready exists, the next copy would be named -c2.
Also could such log folder also allow the user to get insight of what samples he has doubled, and how often a sample has been copied.

again: this is doable by a programmer right ?

next Q:
so where is the problem ?

will elektron ever do ?
would you give Elektron any trust to move something ?
how about the community to set up a fund raiser for mr. @mzero

maaaaybeee this could be a doable path ?
i´d be willing to pay 100$ for this functionality…looking at 50$ to be a more reasonable number

(i´m not willing to setup any dynamics. thats just not my part,
but maybe we here as a group can get something together…?)

  • I REALLY WANT to see a better sample handling within the DT*
    ( i had the DT now for years ! I can overlook its value and functionality vs. other Gear i have or what is availbale on the market. ( having also a OT mkII here, …unused)

it would be a good spent 50$ or 100$ to me. :wink:


The “no duplicates allowed” is not a matter of the sample name, but the content of the sample. So “no”, it is not possible until you change also the content of the sample (at least slightly).

The “de-duplication” of samples is implemented on the Digitakt, because the +drive storage is quite limited.


I don’t think there can even be an unload unused samples for 2 reasons.
The first reason, the one mentioned earlier, is that the sample slot being a modulatable destination can create ambiguity about which samples are being used by a project.
Second reason, samples associated with soundlocks don’t seem to appear in the project sample list, creating even further ambiguity about what is being used.

@lostinthemanual I think the likely thing that could be implemented is a backup entire project where all associated sounds, samples, & patterns could be transferred to the computer. Then the +drive can be cleared and your already sorted samples and associated project can be transferred back.