Dreadbox Murmux polyphonic analog Synthesizer

Murmux will have two analog VCOs with multiple waveforms (saw, pulse, sine, noise…), a dedicated tuning knob for each oscillator, and a sync option. There is no “real” mixing section onboard but a knob that allows you to choose from different mixing preset settings (off, 1, 1+2, 1+2+N, 2+N, N). There are also detune, glide, and two modulation buses for modulating oscillator parameters either with the LFO or envelope.

Then, it has a filter with a big knob, resonance, a bass booster/dampener (cut), and built-in filter FM. It can be done via the noise generator or VCO 2 and there is filter tracking. To refine your sounds, it has a BBD section than can be a resonator or ensemble effect and a delay with mix, time, and feedback controls. There is also a master section with level control and stereo spread.

On the modulation side, it has two ADSR envelopes. Whether they are loopable or have other functions via the menu is not known. Further, it has polyphonic LFO with fade in/out functionality, rate control, wave knob, and spread. The latter gives you either a detune or tracking option.

LFO B is monophonic and has controls for the rate, positive/negative, and knobs for the mod target and wave. There is also a display with load, save, and back buttons. Thus, presets can be saved in the Murmux with great certainty.


Hmmm …

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Dreadbox is always good news. This one probably has the same screen as Typhon, which is much better than Nymphes IMO.

I wasn’t that interested in the Nymphes, especially with the sliders, THIS is the poly synth I’ve been waiting for from Dreadbox.

Really hoping this is real, instant buy for me.

I’m guessing if they didn’t talk about it at Superbooth that it’s not coming for a little while.

Yeah, unfortunately I agree.

Edit: It looks like they sold 50 of a product with the same name at some point. I had never even heard of it.


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Yeah, it was the first Dreadbox desktop synth, I guess.

Edit: No, my mistake. I’ve never heard of that V2 either hahahaha

RE : A previous Murmux. I like that Dreadbox keeps stuff around with redos. How many “Erebi” have there been ?

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I see what you did there.

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Lil’Erebus DIY
Erebus DIY

so far.

After the 2016 limited edition of 50x V2 Murmux, I guess this will be V3?


Looks like it will be nice, I have to say I am quite happy to see it is in more classic dreadbox styling instead of the sort of synthwave aesthetic they have been rocking.

The reuse of the name Murmux is really weird to me but I guess I’ll get used to it. Dreadbox are awesome.

Murmux was one of their very first synth models. They reused the oscillator design in, I think Abyss.

This is one case where reusing a design is not a bad thing. Especially when you really like the sound of the oscillator.


Is Murmux a greek deity?

Didn’t know they had a different company name before. Ignore the comments - typical Synthopia :roll_eyes:

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Although I see a (tiny) screen on this one, which I kinda liked the omission on Nymphes.

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