Dreadbox Medusa


Even if this was the best synth ever made, I’d never buy it only because of the salty comments from Polyend.

Love the Dreadbox guys though.


So after reading the “polyend” dilemma in the comments section I have this to say.

One of the commentators said something about Polyend deleting one of their comments and calling them a crybaby.
The commentor was basically “tattletailing” like a little kid. Saying, hey guys look what Polyend said (at a different social media platform). Lol, who gives a F. Lol really. Wow a Polyend guy called you out. Deal with it like a man. We’re all grown men here I assume, so get over it. Some people are way too soft-skin nowadays. I actually respect Polyend more for calling them out. If they said that to me I’d think about it and be like, maybe I need to chill and better word my constructive criticism maybe to not sound like I’m trashing them. And then probably laugh it off and say oh well and move on. And still support them.
Have to remember they put their hard work, blood, sweat & tears into this. What’s so difficult about giving a small motivation comment while stating what could use improvement in a positive manner. I’m sure the last thing they want to hear when they finally release it is people bashing them.
People are getting carried away, taking it out of proportion, talking about, omgosh how could you say that, I’m never buying a Polyend product again. LOL.
It was nothing really. Who cares maybe he was hungry and agitated and needed a snicker or just having a bad day. Regardless people are way to tender. All that drama just for calling a complainer a crybaby lol. smh.


Well, it’s just unprofessional behavior from Polyend. You’ll always have haters and “upset” people. The Overbridge section is a prime example but Elektron employees stay classy.


I went and looked again in the comment section. This time I did find the “act like a man” comment by polyend. I agree that mixing it up in social media never goes well for the business.

Then again, I don’t see Polyend posting Photoshopped pics of a Moog synth with a penis either, like Metasonix did, heh.


metasonix does it well. he seems a naturally moany b*stard rather than reactionary. it suits their vibe. I love reading his posts :smile:


So I was in Athens around about launch date. Let’s just say that someone told me not to buy something and to wait. True story.




Athens? How ironic :joy:


Was that someone in this video? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

As Jukka stated, Yannis starts talking about the future of Dreadbox around 23:00. It is interesting that he says he wants to do a hybrid synth, but then he quickly points out that by “hybrid” he means all-analog signal path and digital control, not a “pure hybrid” ( as in mix of analog and digital synth engines). I guess that just means he wants do do analog synths with presets and the MIDI stuff that today’s users have come to expect.

I almost overlooked that in the “future of Dreadbox” section they said they love DIY and want to continue releasing DIY kits.

One of my attractions to the Abyss is the relatively simple UI - just some knobs and sliders and no presets. Medusa is a step away from that simplicity, and MODX further still.


Yeah I won’t name names but I’ll add that it was a positive conversation re the future and I came away with even more respect for boutique manufacturers than I already had.


If it is someone that would directly benefit from the sale, and says don’t buy right now, that represents real integrity. Not sure what the waiting is for, wouldn’t make sense to wait for a software upgrade would it?

But that’s exactly the way we’d all want to be treated. When there is a replacement product that in the works, that they stop selling the product(s) that it is replacing, or at least tell you what’s up. If a product is not up to snuff, it gets pulled. That care is taken that every product leaving their doors is built right. [1] That a company will invest extra time and expense and delay a release to get a product to a place where they can be proud of it, with not even a doubt, and they’ll eat the costs in the mean time.

I feel and see that sort of commitment from Dreadbox. I’d even buy stuff from companies without that affirmation. But on the other hand there are companies for me that 40 years later are still under my moratorium, because they treated me badly.

[1] No upside down buttons.


I’m waiting for Abyss v2, since there’s only a handful of Abyss units left on sale at US online shops, with no indication at the big shops like Guitar Center/MF of whether they’ll ever restock it. I still don’t know much about the history of Dreadbox - if they tend to release synths in limited batches, and once a batch is out, it’s out, or if they make multiple batches. If it’s the former, maybe they’re updating the design like they did the Erebus.

Housecliche might be waiting for something completely different, and that’s ok.


The Abyss is thru-hole and i believe Dreadbox is taking everything to surface mount, for improved production, and reduced cost, with no loss in sound quality.

ADDED: When you “manufacture” verses hand build electronics you order them in batches, the more the larger a discount, so you can have a bunch in stock you got to sell or you get stuck, or you run short, and have to turn customers away.


They did multiple versions of Erebus (currently v3) I bought v1 and am very happy with it. :+1:t3:

And I might buy a medusa at some point - just not yet :wink:


Yeah, that’s why I’m hoping for an Abyss v2. Although I now check reverb.com, ebay, etc. regularly for v1 Abyss units.



I was watching the Medusa for a while before it was release and all of the changes it went through before Polyend got involved were looking excellent.

Since it’s release I obviously was glued to watching and reading all of the reviews I could find on it. On paper it was awesome. The cumulation of the dreadbox analog with the Polyend digital hit my sweet spot. I can’t really find any reviews that say a whole lot of positive about it.

For sake of spending don’t but out of interest I’d love to hear otherwise.


watch the video I shared above


Yup, just what I was afraid of. I dig it. Typical of most generalized gear review, the reviewer doesn’t know much about it. Freaking gas for this starts again.


Really enjoyed that. Actually the first video of this thing that I finally found myself digging the sound quite a bit.