Dreadbox FX pedals (new)

Here are 3 new FX pedals from Dreadbox :

Darkness is the deficiency or absence of light. I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness…

Dreadbox DARKNESS is a Digital Stereo Reverb effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers. Instead of having several switched algorithms, DARKNESS has a single versatile and flexible algorithm, that can create from small and smooth reflections up to huge shimmering and endless reverbs.

Experimenting is strongly suggested.

AVAILABLE IN SUMMER 2021 for 259 €

Lethargy derives from the greek word for forgetfulness, “Lethe”. It is a state of being drowsy and dull. The feeling of having little energy or of being unable or unwilling to do anything.

Dreadbox LETHARGY is an OTA based Phase Shifter effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers, with eurorack patch compatibility.

AVAILABLE in APRIL 2021 for 199 €

Kinematic is a Greek based word (Κίνημα), which describes motion – of points, bodies or systems of bodies, without the consideration of the forces that cause them to move.

Dreadbox KINEMATIC is a VCA based Compressor and an Envelope Filter effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers, with eurorack compatibility.

AVAILABLE IN APRIL 2021 for 179 €


The Darkness Reverb excites me very much.

The 2 foot switch buttons also act as separate shift buttons for the smaller 3 knobs, so those 4 knobs control 10 parameters. Lots under the hood.

I wonder if sinevibes had any involvement. Specs list says the circuit is analog,
but there is a " 32bit @ 48kHz Digital Effects Processor"

Delay looper has a mix knob! Hopefully you can go full wet and mute out the input. Though without MIDI it may not appeal to most Elektron users. More info still yet to come on that one.


It’s becoming their Trademark. At first, it seems very simple but when you dig a little more, it’s something else.

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Sinevibes did collaborate on these though apparently they not just ‘ copies’ of fx from typhon.

These are probably good pedals

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I guess compressor and phaser are analog, reverb and delay/looper digital.


yea, probably a simple web page format/template error

Good! I want more variety!



I definitely see myself picking up a Kinematic. I’d be interested in learning more about the Darkness and how it compares to the reverb on my Nyx v2. Hopefully someone will post a review of it that’s not geared towards using it with a guitar.

I’ve still got a way to go with the depths of their Chromatic modules - and hopefully some of the pedal-format gear will make it to that range at some point too, as a Dreadbox reverb would be lovely to add to the system (I realise the pedal can be too, but it’s not quite the same)

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Except Darkness, which is stereo - nice!

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Thanks. I will edit my post.

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That Darkness and Lethargy videos are featuring a Sequential Circuits Inc Six Trak synth.

The Darkness pedal is very Church-Like sound (at least, in that video).

I’ve had the chorus/flange for a while and love it. Think I’ll have to get that phaser too!


It’s weird, last year I went on a bit of a hunt for an analogue flanger pedal that would be good for drums and ended up not buying anything, and I’ve no idea why I didn’t discover the Komorebi. CV interfacing is a big plus for me. Purchased.


I love my Komorebi.

Hi, here’s a demo video of the Darkness pedal. Maybe you find it interesting.

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Hi there,
This video shows dreadbox’ compressor / filter / Drive combo. To be honest, this pedal didn’t catch my attention, when it was first introduced. But…
This one is a great addition to any live setup and also has a place in hybrid studios. It definitely fattens up the sound a lot but can be used quite subtly, too. Great for kicks, basses, and percussion but also as a more radical variation to tighten up a live mix. A shame, that it’s only mono. Nevertheless, a great pedal and my favorite out of their pedal line, so far.

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I either just got the memo or totally forgot about Dreadbox’s fx pedals. Nevertheless, the Darkness, Komorebi, and Lethargy are interesting possibles for my guitar rig pedalboard. I definitely plan to keep the said pedals under consideration.

And here’s the next demo video: Dreadbox Lethargy phaser