Downtempo Octatrack Noodlings


Seeing as I rarely ever share anything, I thought I’d post some stuff here. I’ll add to it over time as well, and hopefully there will be an improvement over time :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s some of my recent Octatrack noodling. The OT takes centre stage at all times, any sound sources are sequenced and sampled back into OT and nearly everything else is done onboard. Recorded straight out of the outputs but processed for streaming in Wavelab.

This isn’t my usual kind of music and a lot of the downtempo stuff I’m becoming interested in, has only come to my attention since I got the OT a few years back. With that in mind, I’d appreciate any tips/criticism/sources of inspiration! :alien:

I made a video of Silicon, my first live video ever, bit crappy video quality though!


Thanks for sharing the links instead of the embedded players! I can never get those things to play on my phone!

Listening now

Edit: chill pill is effing great


Hey thanks for taking time to listen! :smile:


An experiment from last August, not particularly exciting but its got interesting randomisation. Mainly A4 on this one, the OT just provides a granular texture and some random drum slices.


Listening right now too. Spray is very relaxing so far. I’m always interested in the different uses of Octatrack, and this is a perfect example of that. If I may ask, what sort of post-processing for streaming did you do in Wavelab? Also, for my own curiosity, since I always seem to struggle making true downtempo stuff, what bpm are you working in? Or, is this kinda outside any bpm constraints?


Dude, that’s phenomenal! Like, WHAT?!


Chill Pill is really great!


Hey, thanks!, These tracks are actually made in the 250 bpm region except chill pill which is 175 bpm, but that’s just how I have the Octatrack set, in reality they are actually 125/87.5 bpm.

I use Wavelab elements to do basic eq’ing and hiss reduction, and then ozone elements to get the levels optimised. I’m too lazy to track out individual stems for proper mixing & mastering but I guess I’ll have to start doing that at some point!


Thanks for taking time to listen guys! :smile:

Chill pill is actually a bit of a screwup, it sounds nice straight out of the OT but extra processing kills off the gentle sub that is ‘supposed’ to actually be more audible!

Fun fact: the drums on tracks 2, 3, and 4 are from Pocket Operator PO32.


Whoa, interesting to work at that speed. Thanks for the tips on post-processing. I haven’t given Elements a shot yet, but I hope to soon / when I record something actually work processing! In my opinion, it sounds great already, despite not single-tracking, etc! I’d love for anything I made to sound half as good.


Very interesting music. Thanks for sharing


Added Lab Rat and Crystal Mist. I’ll just keep adding links to the original post to keep things tidier :slightly_smiling_face:


Very Nice work ! Following ! Would you mind sharing your technique for this A4 track ? Always something to learn… :grin:


It’s track scaling (*2) to get a finer step resolution without using the track scaling feature itself. It’s not meant as the real speed of the beat. Interesting idea, btw, to utilize the BPM this way …


Thanks for listening! :slight_smile:

I can take a look at the project next time I have the A4 set up. To be honest at the moment, I can’t remember exactly, I think there were random delay depth values for each track combined with parameter slides. And a filter feedback modulation drone on one of the tracks. It all started with the excellent FM drum pack by taro. I’ll get back to you next time I’m using the A4.

I’ve been slightly misleading as well, now I’ve listened back to it properly there are clearly some random drum slices coming from Octatrack! I’ll edit my post above


It’s exactly that! I always run track scale as 1/2 (to get 8 bars per pattern cycle) so sometimes it’s useful to double the speed to get a finer resolution grid.


More tracks added…

Edit: Added Neon Streaks.

Edit: Added Flotation.

Edit: Added Silicon, links in the first post to keep things more tidy :slight_smile:

Edit: Added video of Silicon