Double Voltage

Lightning strikes twice with this dazzling Sound Pack for the Analog Rytm by sonic boundary pusher Eraldo Bernocchi. Double Voltage makes use of the Rytm’s powerful dual-VCO capabilities to offer exciting new sound possibilities for our beat-making behemoth, carefully crafted by the creator of Digitone Pack favorites Hidden & Revealed.

128 sounds are at your disposal, ranging from melodic lead, pad, and bass shades, to a selection of percussive options. Bernocchi’s extensive and eclectic experience crackles throughout, like a current of creativity, as he wrings the most unique sounds from the Rytm and presents them as an offering to electrify your composition.

Please note, this pack is entirely synthesis based and contains no samples.

Download the free demo pack and purchase Double Voltage here.


Finally some more synthesis only packs for the rytm! Lets hear the demos, will probably grab this one.


EDIT: Here are the embedded demos for instant gratification. The second demo really sounds like a Roland drum machine innit :sunglasses:



Instant buy


Yeah sounds good! I do think I’ll buy as well. Are the more trad sounding drums on example 1 also included and do you think those are dual vco generated as well?


Everytging you hear is synthesis based. Not sure if all sounds are DVCO though. He talked about it on Nov 20th on the sound designer talk in Berlin.


Insta buy tonight

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@Augenadler ok good info thanks!

Damn, them basses!

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Makes me sad I sold my AR, sounds fantastic!

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Hi guys. Thanks for the nice comments. All the patches are exclusively using DVCO as a source. It’s a synthesis only pack.enjoy!


When you played the AR patches during the talk, everything in the room started resonating. Great first impression on the pack :smile:
Going to get it soon, too.

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Wheee, synthesis pack! Bought it already… now finding time to use it hmm :thinking:

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The guys had a good PA as well the AR is a Monster machine. It sounds so huge.

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Hey there very excited to use - once I download using transfer do these show up on the synth page for each track?

Thanks in advance.

You can load them as sounds to the low row.

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Ok I’ve played with maybe the first 20 sounds and they’re really creative, different, interesting…just what I was looking for! Example: KICK BS and KPERC are just the type of sounds Ive been trying with single cycle waves and other sounds to give a strange twist on a regular ol kick-snare.

And I do not know how you came up with TALKING ROBOT (I mean I do see the settings but the creativity to do it-nice work). It actually reminds me of a synth version of motorhead hehe.

Thanks again!


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Thank you:)

These sound absolutely phat in the first demo. Cheers @Era! Was your talk recorded anywhere? Would’ve loved to watch it.

Thanks Sam. I really don’t know how I came up with the robot thing…I was exploring the endless possibilities of the machine I guess.

Thanks! Someone recorded it on video. At least part of it.
I guess at some point it’ll surface

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