Double tapping stop erases recording buffer?

Does double tapping the “stop” button erase the recording buffer of the current track?

No. The buffer is only erased if you record over it, manually clear it or switch off the machine.


When I double tap stop, it never plays what I recorded again.

Any ideas why?

If I stick to single taps it plays back fine.

It looks like the sample is still there, but for some reason it doesn’t sound.

I’ve been testing the workflow today and this one has stumped me.

Do you have a one-shot recorder trig on the recorder track?
By default double stop arms one-shots… This can be turned off in the personalize menu.
If you have a one shot recorder trig, double stopping would arm it and when you press play it will immediately replace the sample and start recording again, which might be recording silence so nothing is heard…


You nailed it!!!

Thank you!!!

Indeed that is the case. I use the 1 shot trigger record to capture the loops.


So, I’m re-arming and thus deleting the prior take? Even though I haven’t put a new trig in place after the last take?


Open mike,

Doesn’t the one shot trig expire after I record? Or does it stay in place?

Yes your rearming the recorder trig and when you press play it is replacing your existing recording with a new recording that must be capuring silence…

The one shot recorder trig remains in its place it just becomes disarmed, it doesn’t disappear after used. This is great because you just rearm them again to use them. In the personalize menu there’s some options for them. By default they are armed by pressing yes or double stopping. I disable both of those and then the only way to arm them is function+yes. For me this is better to have to press function as well as it allows me to use double stop to stop the audio engine and send the parts midi cc’s without rearming one shots, and keeps me from unintentionally arming them just by pressing yes…

The play trigs for recorders don’t need to be replaced either they just play the new recording, not sure if that was unclear or not…

If you have your play trig and one shot recorder trig on the same step(most often step 1), when you rearm the one shot you will hear the new recording as its being recorded and then it will loop with the pattern…


Thank you so much man! You totally nailed it.

I’m going to read up on this tonight.

I love this machine for all the quirky things that it can do.

So this is why I was reading about the clamor for “auto save” and assign for these samples to flex slots.

One needs to take a moment to save the sample.

In some ways this is better anyway. Provides more flexibility using conditionals rather than just leaving that sample in place.

But I can also see that being a bit of a problem when using it as a looper should you not have it set up right.

So both the record trig and play trig stay in place?

So, if I sample a loop and save it to a flex slot, I”ll need to add a trig for that flex slot, right? I’ll be changing what’s assigned to track (x) versus having the recording buffer play back

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Here’s something I wrote just the other day you may find helpful:

Chew on this stuff of awhile, it takes some time, research, and experimentation to grok the possibilities…