Don't Hack, just update the OS?

Surely you have thought about this. It was done to the OT, Rytm and the A4 - what was originally thought impossible - midi out, conditional sequencing.

I know they are older machines, but what is stopping the implementation of conditional sequencing as well as individual track lengths for the original silver boxes?

Would our Elektron friends ever get to the point where the code could become open source for all machines long since out of warranty?

This discussion pops up every now and again and the general consensus seems to be that Elektron open sourcing their OS code is very unlikely.

Regarding this, it’s probably not happening. Not sure why, but last time i read about it i got the impression it was due to the hardware configuration, and/or end of product lifecycle.

Someone who knows more details, feel free to chime in.

The Elektron gods seem like reasonable people. And this is just to extend life to seemingly immortal machines.

I can’t see them opening the door for Behringer to swoop in anytime soon


They are quite literally out of code-space in the old machines.

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This. Why would elektron give competitors the full source code of legendary machines to cherry pick in?

The current machines are built on this legacy.

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I would also mention that the hardware is different between the Monomachine and A4/Rytm lines. Of import is the CPU, USB Controller, and DAC/ADC among other things.

I would wager that the monomachine doesn’t have enough grunt to do what it already can and transmit midi out at the same time.

It already does output MIDI.

The newer machines weren’t “hacked” they were updated.

Then just substitute whatever feature this thread is asking for, for the midi portion I was mentioning. It’s still relevant.

What would be possible – is to hack the communication interface between the UI front panel and the main board. This should be doable. Just breakout the connection cable and work out the signals with a logic analyzer, while strategically causing the two boards to communicate. Once you had the communication worked out you could substitute your own “main board” for audio generation with your own communication software to run the interface.

Now what this would give you, is of marginal value, but worth consideration. The mechanical interface on let’s say a Digitone or Digitakt, is quite nice and could be repurposed quite reasonably. The metal box is generous and substantial and could accommodate a variety of substitute “main boards” of you own creation, lots of choices for that. Heck an arduino by itself would be sufficient for your own midi controller/sequencer if you wanted that alone.

If you happened to have an Elektron box with a good UI board, that you could acquire inexpensively, because the mainboard was busted, it would be a fun project. It certainly would draw a look, if you had something like a granular synth running on your own “mainboard” in a Digitakt? Or what have you.

You’ll need a fair amount of background to do all this, and it would take some time, but it is doable. I’ve looked into it enough to see that it’s something i could do.

So that’s the rub - both the MnM and MD output plenty of midi data. So I am the farthest thing from a coder which is why I’m at least asking if it would be possible within the OS to update the firmware to add conditional trigs and varying pattern lengths per track.

Only elektron knows. The rest of us can speculate.

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A slightly spendy work around, would be to use one of the new elektrons to sequence the monomachine, I originally was going to get a digitakt to sequence my monomachine but ended up getting rid of the monomachine before i got digitakt. I don’t really think Elektron will update any firmware for the monomachine or machinedrum (or sidstation).

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I have a similar workaround - to use the Sythstrom Deluge to sequence it. And it works well.