Dominion Club or Behri Monopoly

If u had to choose one which would be in why?

I would add Subsequent 25 to the mix… just another price point…

I’d go with the Dominion Club, though to be fair I’ve had one before but have never used a Mono/Poly. Dominion Club is a pretty good value and has a solid sound, but it never really blew me away. The original Dominion has a monster sound so I’m not sure what got lost in translation here, maybe something about how they re-voiced it within the limitations of the form factor. It’s a synth that benefits from some external touches of saturation/distortion to give it some teeth. It’s especially good for smooth and pretty BoC-type leads though, and I used it a lot for making drum sounds. You can get amazing kicks out of its filter.

The main things I loved about it were the very snappy envelopes and the continuously variable filter state, as well as the variety of filter states. You could get some cool unconventional filter sweeps when modulating. The modulation in general is pretty extensive for the size of the device considering you have two very flexible LFOs and then Korg-style motion recording via the sequencer.

The digital FM oscillator wasn’t as interesting as expected and it didn’t really mesh well with the analog oscillators in my experience but I could still use it to move things a little bit away from typical lead and bass sounds if needed.

I never used the sequencer as I’m basically allergic to how MFB designs their instruments beyond the basic knob functions so can’t speak to how much value it brings to the table.

If you want something compact with a pretty extensive feature set and a solid though not extraordinary sound, go for the Club. If you want more classic lead sounds and bigger knobs, and compactness isn’t a major factor and you don’t need much variety in the filter/modulation departments, Mono/Poly would be the better bet.

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I am wondering if Dominion oscilators are more solid than of the Evolver…

Adding to that: the Club has presets, the MonoPoly (like most other Behringer analogues) does not.

The Club also has good MIDI CC coverage, while the Mono/Poly (AFAICT) has none, so if you’re using it with a DAW or Elektron device, less great.


I’ve recently got back into using the Club, and now with a keyboard rather than the internal sequencer (the USB host is great for this as the Club powers the keys), and I’ve found the sound to be extraordinarily huge, even with the MFB presets - which are eminently tweakable and easily savable. The FM osc is limited, but it cuts through the analogue sound and is great for sending an LFO to as a lightly separate percussion voice.

I’ve never used a Mono/Poly, so can’t comment on that.


I had a real Mono/Poly hardly used it. Over rated.
Ive got a few analogues so I dont need what ever a Dominion Club can do.

So my choice would be neither. Get a digitone instead.

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