My partners dog, Stacks. He’s notoriously not fond of early mornings.

He’s a very lucky doge as my partner happened to see him being literally thrown in a bin when he was a pup, she rescued him and brought him home. He’s been with us going on 5 years now.


This is Mojo

We got him from our local animal shelter and he was a lab/border collie cross. He passed away in August after being with me and my wife for 13 years.

This is Béla

We picked her up from the animal shelter in the next town over just this past Wednesday. She is 5 months old but we don’t know what breed she is. She was seized from a bad situation but seems pretty well adjusted all things considered. We’ll need to put the work in but I think it’s within our means and it will definitely be worth it.

Rescue dogs FTW!


Ours are both rescues as well. It’s good to see so many rescues here!

Our Jack Russell mix was born deaf so we had to learn to teach him tricks by using hand signals. :slight_smile:


look at these weirdos (Charlie is the white one, K.K./Cookie is the brown one).


My partners dog, Sweetie, passed away a year ago last Thanksgiving Day. Amanda got her at a shelter in Philadelphia and they spent 13 years together. I was lucky enough to live with her for the last year of her life. It’s amaing how these creatures come into our lives and enrich them so much, and how much their absence is felt. We are both still grieving in our own ways about it.


They’re gorgeous! Here’s my iggy Iris:


So cute. IGs are such awesome dogs. I just wish I could slow the aging process. Time goes too quickly.


or affectionalty known as fuckos


My dog Riku. He is 9 and a puli


We don’t have pets at home but love to pet all of the (willing and able) cats and dogs we meet.

Thanks all, for sharing your photos! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My street dog, Rose. Now she’s a home dog. She’s 11 months old!


The reason why I am too tired in the evenings to make music: Eddie, who joined us in October 2018


So nice to see another Puli on here!
This is mine. His name is Bela and he’s around a year old. Someone picked him off the street half a year ago and gave him to me.



here’s my girls. on the left, Agnes (named after the Simpsons character) and on the right Isobel (named after the Bjork song). Agnes is a rescue mutt, Isobel is a Shar-Pei/Beagle mix.


Here’s Rigby. Named after Rigby from Regular Show. Rigby is a wee Border Terrier. Born with half an ear missing - he was returned to the breeder before we snapped him up. Was also born missing a toe and with no claws on his right paw. Doesn’t bother him at all - means he cant go digging so easy and getting in a total state!

He loves socks and waiting until I’ve cleared the garden of dog shit before deciding to take another dump.


This is Mochi, we have had her since the was a puppy. Now she is 3.



OH LORD :slight_smile:
I need a -like all button-


My dude Rex, Had to put him down in January. Brutal. She wants a new dog, I’m not ready yet.