Does the compact flash slot problem persist on MkII?

Has anyone ever fixed or replaced a broken CF slot?

…it’s the only pretty obvious fragile mechanical part of that whole device…
because of it’s given nature how it worx…it’s a standard CV CARD READER SLOT…
the only replaceable, external mass memory solution out there, that could offer that much storage and write and read speed when ot was born…
therefor cv cards need a lot of free outstanding pins for accessing…and hell yes, if ur clumsy or not smart enough to see how THIS needs to be handled, ur connections won’t last too long…
no dedicated ot problem…it’s the nature of the overall cv card technic…

i got two ot’s in use since ages…mk1 one…where the plug out button is always standing out when the card is inserted…and a mk2, where the plug out button has a two stage status…once card is inserted u can push that plug out botton again so that it’s not standing out anymore…push it again and it’s coming out again to be ready to be pushed to relase the card…
no big deal if u push it and the card leaves the pin connectors…cause it’s still right in fron of them…just push the card that little way backin…all fine…
trouble is only if ur not sliding in correctly at the start…
so tricky part is to put the card in in absolute straight angle…to catch the sliding tracks…
then it’s sliding easily all the way in til it reaches the pins…from here u feel some tracktion…thats normal…but if it’s not just reasonable tracktion but more like a full stop…go back…u did’nt hit the right angle and ur missing the slot…never force it in…otherwise ur pins will bend…

…seems i am aware of the natural way how to handle a cv card reader…like pretty much most others too…
never had an issue…
but, well…obviously not everybody can see the obvious…

handle with care, feel and a little patience…and all will be fine…
it’s no floppy disk…64 gig of additional ram need no daily in and out routines…
i know people that did it just ONCE and scrub on that same one heavily ever since…
never go for cheap cards…pick once a truly fast and pro one…


Rightio … so has anyone ever fixed or replaced a CF slot?

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Are you asking whether a user has had their OT repaired, or whether someone has performed the repair themselves?

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both and or either

Elektron does repairs. Presumably a camera repair workshop would have applicable experience.


Thank you.

Sorry - I just assumed we were all talking about the same issue.
In my case, the CF card reader is absolutely fine.
Its the spring pin lever part that broke.

The card goes in fine and stays in fine - but when you go to push the lever/spring, the card doesn’t spring out. It needs to be pulled out manually. The spring part can just be held still while taking the card in and out.

The reason I bring this up - is that I just sold my OT MKII and the buyer wants to send it back under the assumption that it is damaged or could lend itself to further damage. At first glance - he is right.
I would argue, it is actually better/safer for that spring part to be redundant - so you can push card in and out safely without any of the bits sticking out and causing the issue others have experienced.

I am either looking at trying to solve the issue for him by finding replacement parts or even doing it myself. Rather than having to issue a refund and going through all that again… Reverb have taken their cut - PayPal have taken their cut … and I have already re-purchased something else with the money made from the OT sale.

Any suggestions?

Any suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

I guess my questions would be was it broken before sending? Did you list that as a fault in the device in your listening?

Assuming it was broken before you sent it and you didn’t list it as a fault I would try to politely offer them a discount off the sale price, perhaps get a quote from elektron on the repair cost? Warranty does transfer on elektrons so it is possibly still covered? Either way give them a discount for inconveniences and the money for factory repairs or if covered just the inconvenience discount?

You could try to convince them to let you attempt the repair but I’m not sure if they would be exactly happy to send you the OT for an unknown amount of time for a user repair of quality unknown from their perspective… my guess is they would just want the money back at that point.


thanks for your suggestion bwo.
I have already offered him a discount and he refused it.
It was damaged before sending and I had not listed it when advertising as I had honestly forgotten about it as it was never a problem for me.
As it would never be a problem for him. I believe he is taking advantage of a situation where he could return something he may regret buying. We’ve all been there.

Am I right in suggesting that the ejector pin being damaged is not really a bad thing and will not effect the use of the machine?

Yeah I mean I would probably be annoyed if I bought but be willing to work with the seller on getting things squared away. I think unfortunately he is within his rights to return it so if it is buyers remorse and you can’t convince him then you are more or less out of luck.

If it is under warranty still I would think it would be much easier to convince him perhaps? I would definitely check online to see.

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It does feel that way.

Other than raising a support ticket with Elektron (we all know what that means)
… how would one see if there OT is still covered under warranty?

I think you need to find you original purchase receipt and if it is within 3 years of purchase. Terms and Conditions | Elektron

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Yep, and if you can’t find the receipt, you can just look on the bottom of the unit. The manufacturing date is printed, and you get 3 years from that date (if you can’t find your original receipt).

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I just sent my OT to the LA workshop for broken pins repair.

They call it ‘pinlist replacement’.

OT in transit now, I’ll let you know what the technician says once they receive it.


Cool - thank you.

how can you get the CF Card out if the ejector pin is damaged? is there a way to do it?


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I have no problem with the cf card slot on my black one.
But the card itself was lemon. At first I thought my unit is bonkers, but it was the card.

My ejection pin is gone and I can easily pull my cf card out as it has a lip in the bottom side of the card and can be grabbed with my fingernail. The card comes out easy enough, but I keep the OT connected to the Mac so I don’t have to mess with it.

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