Does "Retrig" restart LFO?

Hey all, I’m a new Digitakt owner and very happy with it. Having a lot of fun and have spent some good deep sessions with it.

This is probably an obvious “yes”, but since I’m at work procrastinating and browsing Digitakt/Synth-related pages I can’t test it myself with a very slow “retrig” setting that would make it easier to hear if the LFO is restarting.

But that’s my question. If the LFO is set to TRG, does the LFO restart on every retrig?
For instance, if I have a “step” configured with a 1/16 retrig value and a length of 1/4, does that mean the LFO will restart 4 times?

Thanks all and happy mangling!

Yep. Can be turned off in the trig page too if you don’t want it to reset.

Thanks and that’s what I figured.

Can be turned off in the trig page too

So I know that flipping the LFO T on the trig page will disable the LFO from being triggered on that particular…trigger…
My followup is, on the “step” that I use retrig on, by turning off the LFO T switch, the LFO won’t be ‘restarted’ on the INITIAL trig of that step…
So, is there no way to allow the LFO to be triggered on the first trig of the step itself but NOT on each “retrig” of that step?

sorry i misread your orig post. not sure if retrigs will retrig the lfo too, but if that’s the case, you could put a trigless (yellow) trig on the step before the retrig step and nudge it over so it only fires once.

Yeah, that seems to be the go-to workaround for the monophonic “limitations” of the Digitakt, a late nudged trigless trig. Definitely an option.

Thanks again for your replies.

Mode HLD doesn’t restart the LFO.
Mode TRG restarts the LFO when a note is triggered.

Ah ok my mistake, then I’m only referring to the scenario with LFO set as TRG.