Does FM synthesis and Analogue Mix well together

For me yes. Actually when jamming for me it’s the best blend. FM has nice profound and exact sound with can easily distinct from the warm and fuzzy (always slightly detuned) analog sound. This makes mixing the live set more easy without use of additional processing.

Like eggs and bacon :yum:


Or FM is the toast to analog’s beans.


Damn, now I’m hungry.


Lol darenger. Okay so it does. But id like an example. Something clearcut with the two bouncing off each other with no distractions?

I believe there are FM hi hats in this song and loads of analog, obviously. I created an nearly identical patch on the DX-7. As I recall, Richard has said that he used a TX81Z on many of his earlier recordings.

These blokes are known to have used lots of 4 OP FM and analog simultaneously.

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I believe RDJ Album, Come to daddy EP and druqks are mostly Fm (and samples)

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Sure. There are also many analog fm synths around, Lyra 8 being a recent example and basically all the modular gear. If you are refering to using DX7 and Minimoog in the same track, I dont see a reason why not, especially after extensive post processing as in every commercial track since forever.

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They are a literal song of fire and ice. :upside_down_face:

LOL. The formula for pretty much every song recorded or performed globally for a decade.

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Cheers guys. Why i thought they couldn’t is they seem a bit chalk and cheese. Rough and smooth. Yes the DX7 and Moog sounds are what im talking about. One question is are they both used equally or is it best to keep one in the background so they dont outdo each other. Hope this makes sense.

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Yes, I know the feeling. Ive been spending few last days on figuring out Harvestman Hertz Donut and I really struggle on blending this into my workflow.

@sabana, probably the most common formula for radio hits from the early 80s to early 90s was this: Mini on bass, DX-7 on e-piano. Does that help?

Switch over to techno related genres and the 4 OP synths like DX-100, DX-27, DX-21 found frequent use for bouncy bass sounds.

Also, Brian Eno is a well known fan of FM and most of his music tends toward smooth sounds, not rough.

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Gotcha. But with mid-harmonics? Do they still gel together. Or do you have to seperate them as bass and melody.

given the many many different sounds both, but fm in particular, can produce, there can be no general answer.
all comes down to the sounds you use.
both can be great for pads, drums, basses etc etc. different, but both can do it


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The MFB Dominion Club goes so far as having one FM and two analogue oscillators. They sound wonderful together.

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:grin: There’s always the exception