Does Digitakt output sounds that bad?

Nothing wrong with the Digitakt. If anything I have a problem with its extra saturation which makes it sound good but rather uncontrollably. Apparently there is some saturation applied to the outputs.


That would explain why it sounds so smooth and not cold and clinical like the MD and MM

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Thanks everyone for your replies. Didn’t expected so many , I really appreciated it. Feels like a warm welcoming and makes me want to stay here - and oh, I’m gonna click buy tonight ! :wink:

I recently bought a pair of Neumann KH120. I think they are pretty good. That’s the reason I can ear if a recording is good or bad :wink:

Thanks for this precision. Do you think Elektron can add this feature with an update firmware ?

Thanks ! Listen to it right now …

Thanks t3h - Good advices !

Of course, it’s the first thing I did but to me I never trust demos from companies. It’s easy to make it sound bigger than real life. That’s why I came here …

Cheers all !

I find elektron’s official demos to be true to the source fwiw

In this day and age, ”betterizing” official product demos would make no sense and manufs would get caught doing so…

I resample a lot to “EQ” stuff a bit. Like removing the bottom end by using an HP and then resampling that sound. Using resonance in combination with this let’s you boost certain frequencies you want. Of course an EQ per track would be very welcome. Or at least a BP. Hopefully they add that at some point.

Selecting the right samples for each frequency band also helps. Don’t throw too many samples in a pattern with overlapping frequencies. Everything needs to have its room.

The Digitakt can sound really good, but it sometimes takes a bit of work. :slight_smile: Hope this helps. Cheers


I got it, spend 12 hours yesterday learning and jamming - time flies with this machine - and I cannot agree more … EQ per track would be awesome ! But the sound is great :wink:

Does anyone notice any high frequency hissing/crackling coming from the Digitakt’s headphone output? My recordings with overbridge are fine, and even the master left and right outputs seem to be okay, but the headphone out seems abnormal? Is it just me?

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do you have something plugged in its inputs?

Nope, it still happens when nothing but the power cable and headphones are plugged in. The noise also cuts in and out when adjusting the master volume knob.

I had a bad master volume pot, crackles when turned. Sent it to Elektron for repair, all good now.

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Sometimes i have notice the same thing, not in the whole range but on Some spots i occasionaly hear a strange hi frequency interference like sound. It sounds very digital, not noise or crackle like you could expect with a analog potentiometer that just increases resistance in a design. I have it on both headphones and audio outputs.

Elektron calls that Bit Reduction :blush:


Random bit reduction on master level! Yeah I own a collectors item, so fortunate :pray:

Love the sound quality of both the Digitakt and the Digitone.

They can both rumble your guts and chime with crystalline clarity without that cheap digital harshness or mud I sometimes hear in other devices. There is a pleasing character to the final outputs. I tried some of the same source samples I was using in my MPC Live and the Digitakt sounded warmer and less sterile to my ears, which is what I want for live performances.

I’d be interested in hearing more about this inherent output saturation on the Digitakt.

I talked with Elektron support and they said that white noise coming from the master pot is not normal and would fix it under warranty.

Here’s what that noise sounds like.:

I ran it through a pre amp to get it a bit louder, so it’s not this intense coming from the Digitakt’s output. Either way, glad they will repair it.

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