Do you make music that you enjoy listening to or do you make music that you enjoy making?

I’m in your camp.

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I used to send tracks my my buds, they always said they liked it. Then I sent some tracks I did under another name, said I found online…then I got the truth.

So I don’t share with friends either.


I only make music that I enjoy listening to. Usually when I finish an album, that is my favorite album for a while.


I make music I like to listen to, because nobody else is making it. It’s 100% tailored for me. I get a kick when others like it too, but I already know it’s good, according to my own requirements.

I also like making it, and find it painful to make. But that’s all creative endeavors. If it comes too easily, it might just be fluff. Not that you don’t sometimes have a banger fall out almost by accident.


I make music because it’s fun to me. I don’t always love the result. I can at least say that none of my tracks is in my « top 100 favorite songs ever » list.

Damn. What was your initial reaction like?

Typically when I’m working with grooveboxes I find myself enjoying making it but when I really listen to it, I don’t see the artistic value in it. It might be impressive considering its source and maneuvers, but on its own- nah.

But the stuff I release, I make that music because it’s what seems right at the time.


When I was playing Techno live sets in clubs, I liked remembering the evenings while listening to the recording and with my Ambient releases, I usually create them out of situations, moments and emotions which is similar to watching photos for me when listening to them later :slightly_smiling_face: So yes, I like listening to them as much as I enjoy producing and playing.

I just figured that was the case.
A couple of them were pissed I pulled that stunt. But I had to know, even tho I suspected.

I think it was dumb to do, and I don’t recommend it. The ones that were upset, were UPSET.

Adding: I don’t think it was fair to do that. But I prefer the truth. Empty praise doesn’t help anyone improve.

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Don’t always enjoy making. Always enjoy listening back & considering improvements, edits etc.

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I would suspect it would be easier to dig in for more constructive criticism after that, as the “damage” is already done.

I’ve asked my friends to be brutally honest and that has been kinda eye-opening.
Yeah, empty words are even worse than brutal criticism.
It’s more insulting if a friend thinks you cannot handle it even if you are the one asking the questions than to hear that your music is shit IMO for these reasons.


I make music mainly for my own enjoyment (the process) which includes sound design, learning new tricks, trying out different ideas. I also make styles that I enjoy listening to, so I do actually listen to my own music quite a bit, (usually after a period of not hearing a given track for a bit after making it, and listening on different sound setups). I’m usually pretty sick of a track just after making it, but then start enjoying them again later on. I post them in various places for other people to listen to, but mainly just for fun, or to contribute a bit. I don’t ever do it with the intent to make money or gain any great recognition out of it. Just not what motivates me. Though I have written a few tracks for DJ friends over the years to play (make dub plates from or play digitally in some cases). Otherwise I just dump them into my Soundcloud or YouTube pages for unsuspecting victims. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have too, but some people just can’t do it. It’s hard to let a friend hear the negs. I understand that. But it’s not helpful.

@Clancy I hear that. There are occasional loops I make I can listen to. But when it comes to making it something more…I just don’t get it. I have no problem concocting the initial loop. But then to expand on it, getting the diff parts out outta my head just seems impossible.

So how come the starting point happened outta no where, but then concrete ideas of what to do with it can’t come out :man_shrugging:t5:

The reason I have thousands of loops, and maybe 1 or 2 “finished” tracks. I wouldn’t say are really finished.


I dig this too.

GOAL: make a track that “I” like. Bottom line.

Hasn’t happened yet.

Adding: can’t stand when people tell me most people don’t like what they make. But I am CERTAIN Jack Dangers digs his shit, cuz his head is BOBBING when he’s playing. Aphex Twin, KISS….they like their music, it’s apparent. I want to like a track of my own.


I have a good friend, a self-taught and highly respected musician whose criticism would break anyone’s spirit except he is very humble and equally critical, if not worse, to himself.

My gf on the other hand just cannot be critical, not because she is afraid that she would create disappointment, she is just hard-wired like that and would praise anyone because she looks for something good in anything. What I mean to say is, some people have a hard time criticising others because of the way they themselves view things.



Probably because he is so hard on himself, but hard for me to say.

It’s hard to make a living as a musician, not sure it is worth the anxiety. I have been thinking recently to just focus on having fun making music. Just say F it and finally do that long form ambient I have always wanted to. I might be able to find some unsuspecting victims for it anyway.

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Hmm, I don’t understand how that would play into breaking anyone else’s spirit.

I mean it’s still just one persons opinion and if he would be vile about it that would just make his statements slap less, also probably instead strengthen one’s spirit.

It’s such a bold claim I got curious of what you meant by that. :slight_smile:

When I write a tune that I can’t listen to at least one hundred times, then it’s not a candidate worthy to be finished and produced. The joy of making it comes with the persistence of wanting to finish it, that is once the decision is made. During the last one and a half years, I have written four such tunes, which I have listened to at least a few hundred times each. So I guess I want to make music that I enjoy listening to. Not that I’d be very efficient at it though.