Do you have a website for your music project?


That’s cool. I’m beginning to think that’s all most people really want/need anyways. Plus you can always throw links other sites in the sidebar, like YouTube for videos, Soundcloud for works in progress, remixes, etc.

It would really take a lot of time and work to make a dedicated website into something that justifies having anything beyond the standard bandcamp page + links.

Do you have any plans to make a dedicated website for your label? Or is there just no need at this point with all the free/cheap existing resources?


I kind of think of it as a business card. I do some work for others, and get hired for side gigs occasionally. So, even if you’re not visiting regularly, it’s an intro to me if someone recommends me, or a good place to send people who ask me about work.


it used to be necessary to have a full fledged site, but bandcamp has added most “features” that would exist on a website created for bands/labels. Bandcamp has a merch page, ways to handle physical media, space for bios on releases, etc.

we couple that with distro kid so streaming and digital buys are accessible through other outlets. seems like the best approach at this point. A lot of people access music through streaming and bandcamp now, which is something ive had difficulty coming to terms with.

labels site is if anyone is interested.


Various projects and my small label w/ a new imprint here:

It’s worth it to have I think. I was dubious at first, but we’re getting quite a few sign-ups through newsletter link, so it’s proven it’s worth.


I really like the aesthetic of your first website and I think the decision to buy the album (not now, couple of years ago I guess) was somewhat influenced that.


Wow! Really enjoying browsing your work! Incredible stuff.


Thank you! :blush:


your site is visually stunning. wonderful work


Thank you for the kind words!


Thank you!


I made a short EP with a friend last year, and tossed up a simple website linking to the social accounts and featuring a short video and narrative exploration of the project.

I think a website is a great, highly accessible platform to serve as a nice nexus for all the peripheral art / concepts / pieces accompanying a music release.



When Traumprinz released a while ago under his other monikers he did it through this simple, beautiful website. I think it captures old internet culture with grace!

When the album was available (for like a day, and now it’s like 180 euro on discogs) you type Y or N and go to either shop or a cemetery. Lol! 10/10


Yes, I use a website but I’m not sure how necessary it is to have one. I think a facebook page could do everything that I do on my website but I was a website designer before I got into music. I think it’s awesome to tie art into your website. I mostly use it for e-commerce and to announce things like new songs, tours, blog, etc…

  1. No probably not unless you are really into it… it’s kinda a pain to have to update sometimes. Kinda like having wireless headphones… it’s just another thing to plug in and charge. People are more likely to go to your facebook or find you a different way.

  2. I don’t think mine is a business card but it’s certainly not as artistic as I’d like it to be. But there is the issue… if it was all artistic… it might be harder to update on the regular. I like where my site is aesthetically and visually but most of all it’s flexible and functional.

  3. I had this grand vision that I’m still working on but mostly I wanted to make it simple for people to get tees that I made. I like designing things so there is a bunch of new shirts I’m trying to release… I have other things on there but the main focus is the music. I wanted my music to tell a story… I’m not so sure I’m there yet but I wanted a strong foundation to start with and I think I did a good job there. Also I really wanted to be professional and it makes me feel like I’m only a few days away from signing the biggest deal of my life! I think that’s important to me and to my fans because I don’t look like a clown.


Just never update the design, it will be fashionable again sooner or later.

Content should be fresher than tomorrow’s headline of course.

I still think playing on the street with a minimal setup and a great vibe is more effective these days than a website. And it should be.

If you have many projects, a central B card thing with an easy name/url that links out can be useful.


Very cool concept. Great sounds! Nice writing there too! I like using a unifying concept for each release as well. It’s more work, but very satisfying.


This is a good point. As much as I like some of the old mysterious and artistic website interfaces of the early 2000’s, some were very impractical for imparting information to users in a timely and efficient manner. For long-term “success” there really does have to be a balance of art and usability. Experimentation and originality become tricky to pull off as navigation and structure become more uniform over time and user’s expectations of what a website is solidify.


Yes! Love it. He’s been rocking that look for a long time now and somehow it still fits brilliantly. Don’t go changing Legowelt!

True. I have a few projects in the pipeline that don’t sound 100% similar in style or genre. I think about using a different alias for each but then it seems like such a pain to keep up with. I’ve wondered how people who use multiple aliases keep up with all their various monikers. Different websites for each? Different email, bandcamp accounts, soundcloud, Instagram, etc.? I guess using the one central website would be easiest but what about all those media account logins? And isn’t the point of different aliases to remain mysterious and put out music with no expectations or baggage? (Thinking out loud. Might be a different thread.)


Literally made one 2 days again as a landing page and to become an Amazon Affiliate. Cost about $40 total for everything I needed which was pretty decent.