Do you find the Syntakt and Digitone pair up nice together? - Interested in getting one

I think if you were gonna pair the Syntakt with one small synth then a boutique like SH-01A, JU-06A or JX-08 is a good choice as you get polyphony (plus an arpeggiator with the second two which the Syntakt is currently missing).


Yeah, setting aside the Digitone and Digitakt in my setup, I also have a MicroMonsta 2, so if I get the urge to configure a VERY tiny portable setup with the ST as the lone Elektron, I can always sequence the MicroMonsta as a very flexible poly alternative by sacrificing one or two of the ST tracks to the MIDI gods.

Hmm. Just talking about it here makes me want to go play. :cool:

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Or a digitone lol

I have Syntakt and am trying to decide between Digitone Keys and MiniFreak. Leaning towards MiniFreak, as I don’t like much repetition in my setup and I get enough Elektron UI with the one device. Digitone looks super nice, but I feel like there are synths that can achieve a wider range of sounds in the same price range. MiniFreak or HydraSynth.

Of course!

i don’t have Digitone, but Syntakt and FB-01 definitely do.

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I’d say minifreak (or any other awesome synth), you sound like me - once there is more than one sequencer on the table its too much overlap that i feel im not utilizing (and too much for my brain to handle). I was using DT and DN together and after a while it just felt like it was just too unfocused

I’ve been having a lot more fun recently just making patterns on digitakt and coming up with sub37 patches to go along with each one. keeping it simple cause im stupid haha

syntakt and a proper synth sounds like a blast!


I do think they pair well together. My buddy let me try out his new Syntakt today and really enjoyed it and even better when I used it with my Analog Heat that really breathes life into it and the Digitone for massive pumping beats. The small footprint and easy to use system is nice. However, I still prefer the sound of the Rytm over the Syntakt.

I love the Digitone so much would consider another. But yeah too many devices is less productive too.

I have Syntakt and Hydrasynth Explorer. Wider range of sounds than Digitone for sure.

There’s a lot of talk about DN+DT+ST, but what about just DN+ST?

I have the DT, DN and now ST. Originally I thought having all three would be redundant but they really do sound very different from each other and inspire me to make music I wouldn’t have made otherwise.

I don’t even pair them together at all, I use one at a time. I find this limitation to be very creatively beneficial and prevents option paralysis.

So If you look at it from this perspective you can never have too many Elektron boxes! =p

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:content: I wanted them all at some point.
I prefer to sell gear I don’t use, buy what I want, making me happier than chocolates or other “too” expensive useless things for Christmas. Anyway, this year, I shouldn’t be disappointed (nothing).

Happy Christmas everyone !