Do aliens listen to music?

That’s interesting. I’ve never thought of that as a tactile art but I guess you are right. I always considered more of a visual art for some reason.

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holds it in
what if aliens ARE music?


art is an evolutionary brach of language. so some form of art is pretty inevitable. they probably won’t perceive it the same way as we, western earthlings, do — as this sentimental stuff about FEEELINGS.

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Our perception of time (or at least our need to organise space AS time) might be specific to us - so there goes song structure

pop songs should be about 10 feet long


Yes we do

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Here’s “Music for Krell beatniks”. An imagining of what the beatniks on the Forbidden Planet would have listened to.

Well I’m a alien, and I listen to music. So yeah. There’s at least one of us.

they will probably listen to some sort of multidimensional transwarped baseline, Acid of course :slight_smile:

they will have a sophisticated sensory organ for receiving sound

cultural wise they will have a ongoing debate whether receiving sound thru a brain-interface or with an organ (ears?) is better… like analog vs. digital

seriously, i guess drums or anything beatmaking could be 90% true :upside_down_face:

Resistance is futile. And no, we do not listen to music.

I kind of am where this is going. Maybe like how technology advances we “connect with it more”, so much so that things like your own dance style would emulate maybe not sound but a way of others feel the rhythm you create.

Or more advance than this is like a multitimbral thoughts n vibes thing like; from one alien to another; one thinks hey I like u - smouldering looks - Shots over some love dub wobble vibes through their thoughts… the receiver being like “oh yeah - digging those “vibes”.

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U said it better than what I was thinking - the Sophisticated sensory organ.

:alien: :wavy_dash: :alien: :ringer_planet:

What ever it is, I’m going to assume that they’d really want a Pulsar 23.

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yes, pretty shure. but only to autechre. everything else makes no sense.

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I’m sure they have their own music if they manage to find us. And would they give a flying fuck about us? Feeble people fighting a culture war which means nothing as mountains of cash are shoveled from the poor to the super rich at a rate faster than that in human history?
Hopefully they just blow us away with alien nukes.
Maybe they would blast some of their tunes before doing so ala Captain Kilgore in Apocolypse Now.

better than words

mouth amplifier

anyway… beatboxing comes very close

just think about your most wanted girl and make a beatboxing declaration of love

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Hopefully they teach us traveling faster than light

Wagner… this is how we make contact, we are a friendly folks :slight_smile:

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…the whole universe speaks math…while all conversation is modulated frequencies…
…and all music is nothing but a universal language based on different designs of quite a bunch of low frequencies…


there woud be a little alein listening the music :rofl: