DN rhodes, organs vintage key sound packs?

Are there any DN sound packs that have vintage keys patches?
How about vibraphone, marimba, xylo patches?


Bump - I’m pretty interested in this also.

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I’d thought about making a “player’s” pack for digitone, as it’s really nice to just play without the sequencer. Would be a nice challenge to try to emulate some of the richer, more complex electric pianos, hmm.


Sounds great! I’d definitely support that. I often use AAS lounge lizard and chromaphone vsts. Man, I would love to have those tones… epianos, organs, mallets percussion instruments, in the DN!


Likewise I have to say this would seriously be of interest to me too.

Yeah. I’ve been thinking about it again over the past couple of weeks. I’ve got a few other sound design projects in the works (including a huge Matrixbrute pack that I’ve been procrastinating with), but I’ll get on to it someday. I discovered that it’s possible to get a really nice big 80s Roland poly sounding patch out of the DN using the new fine tuning settings, so maybe I’ll start with some rich synthwave pads :smiley: