DN Keys midi gate issue

Hi all! I’m having an issue with DN keys midi. I am currently running midi out on ch1 (or 2, tried many) into my Cr8audio nifty case midi in which has a midi to cv convertor for v/oct and gate x2.

The v/oct works fine but the gates drop out intermittently. This occurs while playing the keys. If I patiently play any combination of keys for any seemingly any amount of time, it will sometimes start sending gate again but then will drop out a few minutes later so I’m stuck with always open v/oct.

When running a sequence, it usually doesn’t send any gate at all or sometimes just on the first beat and then nothing. Given the random nature of when it wants to work, it seems like an issue and not an issue with midi program changes etc.

I had the same issue when running midi to my O-Coast as well. I’m not attempting to send CC messages at this point but only pitch and gate.

Thanks and be well!


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Hey swisschard, this exact thing is happening to me. I did a very long and rigorous experiment with different modules, and different midi devices and have reached the same conclusion as you had: the Niftycase’s gate and Digitone midi output seems to have issues. However it doesn’t seem to the Niftycase’s fault since midi inputs from other devices function perfectly fine, just Digitone’s is having a problem.

Hi both,
Did you check what the Digitone is outputting with MIDI monitoring app/software, and what is required on the receiving end? For gate to work properly, I’d say both a note-on and a note-off MIDI message are required for each note, and in that order, and a note-off should always precede the note-on of the next note, - for one single gate that is-. My digitone does seem to output that from a single monophonic track.

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This info may be useful for troubleshooting:


Ok, so if I understand correctly perhaps the receiving end doesn’t interpret note-on+velocity=0 as note-off, so that the gate remains open. I’d think that the message sent by DN is not the problem.

“A receiver must be capable of recognizing either method of turning off a note, and should treat them identically.” (cited from midi.org)