DN freezes on startup / DSP Boot Failure on firmware 1.10

So this DSP Boot Failure is still an issue?

I got my DN back last week after sending it to get serviced (dsp freezing that turned into total boot failure). Elektron support suggested it was a bad psu, the service vendor swapped it out with a spare and confirmed it was booting as expected.

So far I’ve spent a good 10 hours with it and a dozen or so power cycles, with no further issues (knock on wood).

Granted my DN had issues within the first 2 hours of using it, so I may be an outlier here.

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They’re still working on DSP Boot issues. it’s not a forgotten problem.

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My two weeks old DN machine, just became totally unusable!!! DSP BOOT FAILURE after FAILURE. Have to give it back :frowning:

Well you are all lucky actually!

Just received my Digitone, only displays version and then get’s totally stuck when the logo starts to fade.

Was able to go into Boot Options, updated the Firmware to 1.20 via MIDI, because it doesn’t detect via USB, still the same, stuck on the first 3 particles that want to fade.

When I tested at first before update it said it had a UI: Wrong Card error. After update says 0 errors. Interesting enough when I press step 1 it gets the screen all yellow, and step 2 turns off the screen. Is this normal? Anyways I think this one is really dead… I tried Analog 4 MK1 PSU but same stuff…

Any ideas before returning?

Sad, but contact support, they will sort it out! :slight_smile:

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Screen on / off is normal
You should be able to make lots of colours too as pads will light up red , green , blue plus combos.
Seems like you are unlucky .

Ok so all good about step 1 and 2 behavior? screen on and off!

I’ve updated firmware via MIDI through my soundcard… as it seems it doens’t detect USB on Boot Menu. It read everything fine, finished, asked to reboot to update bootstrap… yet nothing happen!

I contacted support, I am now waiting… Hope there is like a tool or so to solve that… Also can be the PSU, but oddly enough Analog 4 should work… same 12v just has more Watts… or am I wrong?

the yellow and blank screen when you push 1 and 2, also happen to me… so… i guess it’s the way to go


This is annoying… how the hell isn’t there quality control? Mine was DOA… It’s something really easy to check on Quality Control… just turn it on and see if it works.

Did you received any answer from Support? Still waiting… nada.

Test mode the trig keys test the screen and led behavior. Yellow means no dead pixels black means no stuck pixels. 3 - 5 should test RGB led functionality. You can press in combos too.

Yeah :slight_smile: thanks mate!

Anyway my DN was dead… completely dead so went back to Thomann… More 10 days without this beast…

I just wonder how is it possible not to test out those things before putting them on a Box! DN didn’t died in the box… Just do QA Elektron… thisewas one of those cases easy to solve. I know and trust Elektron, but if it was someone first experience with Elektron, pretty much was ended there

I had a stretch during testing where I had dsp boots for two days. Then it cleared up out of nowhere but was still happening more frequently. They adjusted somethings and fixed my issues at least with the public beta candidate. From what I can tell it has to do with the order the two dsp chips are booted. And some units respond differently than others.

I’m sure it’s a lot more complicated than that but that’s the jist.

Point is when in test mode the chips show up as fine because they are fine. All it has to do is boot okay once or twice to pass qc. Seeing as some users can go weeks without hitting a boot error you can see how hard it can be to pin down a root cause. :frowning:


Man… There are no excuses honestly. Mine was DOA (dead on arrival) it’s way different…

I love Elektron don’t take me wrong, but feels like Apple… just ship products fuck deep QC testing… And a product doesn’t get DOA on a box… Anyway, shit happens, will wait… asked Thomann to pre test the next one before sending… I can live with some Boot DSP Failure as i don’t have any plan to play live soon, but… well either do rev2 and recall or fix it if it’s software

I see this misconception about Apple products all the time, they do more testing on their products than almost any other manufacturer in the world. How does this narrative keep coming up?

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I dunno, there iPhone 7 models had tons of SIM card issues. Though on average, they have much less issues than their Android counterparts. Overall, Apple does make good products.

Sorry mate, I worked there and I know what I am talking about… This is not 2010 anymore… Wish it was becasue apple products are in general good products, reliable and long lasting!

Android… bah.

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Only a Sith deals in absolutes!

Just checking to see if you found any solutions to the digitone crashing and freezing. I am having similar problems and I’m not sure if exchanging it will make a difference. It seems like a fairly common problem since I’ve researching it, but I’m hoping it’s something that can be fixed.

They did some tweaks to the boot sequence in 1.20-1.21. May give it a shot.