DN freezes on startup / DSP Boot Failure on firmware 1.10


If you format the +drive, could you please report back if it fixes the dsp boot failure issue? I feel that would be unrelated, but I suppose you can’t rule out anything.


Are you saying it’s a hardware problem and not a software problem?


Of course I will.


I was just saying elektron are using an embedded processor not dual DSP chips like are fine naut incorrectly stated. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about these issues tbh elektron always iron things out and usually add little nice touches I do understand how annoying waiting for bug fixes can be but its not like roland were you see one bug fix and they will dump the product. It seems common place these days for companies forced to release products unfinished especially small ones like elektron id blame the economic climate and not the guys slugging it out coding.


My DN tends to brick fairly regularly, the whole freeze up high pitch sound thing. I’m wondering if I should swap it for another unit or if it happens to pretty much everyone who has one. If so then it might be best to hold onto it and wait for an update that fixes the problem?


Mine hasn’t crashed with the latest firmware during moderate use over the past few weeks.


Never had a prob w/mine… Am still in 1.02… Heard too many people complaining about the new update so i stay where i am :sunglasses:


I am using DN with Ext. IN and Midi IN+ OUT, but never had this kind of Problem, only a DSP Boot failure once (knocking on wood) - OS 1.10


I get DSP boot failure in about 1 out of every 4 startups, which prevents me from working with the DN at all. Quick restart fixes it. I’ve never encountered a lockup while it’s already in operation, nor have I had any high pitched noises happen. I’m waiting on an update, unless it gets much worse or starts crashing mid-operation.


Stressing my swapped unit a lot, no problems so far.
This first unit was defo faulty!


See, I’m now wondering if I should bump my DT up to 1.10 and check if it’s FUBAR or not. Only had one DSP failure using 1.02 so far… Not used it heavily but it’s seen some hours.


Jingo mentioned an increase after the update but I don’t think it’s 1.10 perse, there are several reports of this error in the 1.02 bug thread. And not everyone who updated to 1.10 seem to have the problem, including Jingo with his new unit. Some users seem to have this error more often than others, with some it seems to have increased in time. Could it be variations in hardware components, power supply, settings. It’s confusing, seems like a complex problem.


I had just as many on 1.02 as I do with 1.10. Funny though cause it comes and goes, I’ll get for a bit then nothing for a while.


well shiver me shit tits , this is a bit of a downer , just grabbed a b stock off music store , fingers crossed it’s not one your returns!


hmm, mine was from Musikhaus Korn… not Music Store… So that unit can be ruled out…


Indeed, problem seems complex. I am really suprised (in a pleasant way) that my new unit behaves ok so far. I hope that Elektron tracks down the cause and fixes it.


intersting,… I recently don’t get the DSP of death issue that often anymore.
1-2 out of 10 times starting.

Hopefully the new update will be ready soon. With some additional feature-love


received my digitone , tis right up my alley :slight_smile:
after 20 or so power ups i have only had the dsp boot failure once , i can live with that as long as its a bug that’s going to be rolled out soon , did any one here back from headquarters about it yet ?
also to note the dsp boot failure only happened when i didn’t turn the button on fully and turned it back on again, a bumbling moment, other than that its been pretty good, lets see!


Same with me. No DSP failure message for quit some time. Weird.


Perhaps the boot-faillure went on summer vacation, perhaps far-fetched: power quality may vary per location and in time. But the hardware itself is also a factor, given the fact that the new unit of Jingo never got the error message.