DN freezes on startup / DSP Boot Failure on firmware 1.10


Saw this once in 1.02 on bootup, have not seen it in 1.10


Patrick from support told me to exchange my DN at my retailer, it is not meant to freeze as often as mine does. My DN is also crackling the longer I use it in one session. I mailed my retailer and told them that I got a defective unit as Elektron support told me. So I will go for an exchange… Will report back…


So, the retailer takes it back, I ordered another new one, hopefully I will get a working unit now :), I like the DN too much to give up on it…


I’d hope it wasn’t meant to freeze at all, let alone as often as yours! Glad you’re getting it sorted.


Thanks Wave, I hope it gets better now :slight_smile:


being on 1.10…

I would say, out of 10 boot ups I get at least 2-3 DSP failures.


I would open a ticket and discuss that matter with elektron


If you have a midi cable plugged in, remove the cable and see if it still happens.


I have a brand-new DN, updated it to 1.10 and have experienced a couple of freezes and DSP failures, but other times it just works. Strange. Hope this will be fixed soon.


First post here on Elektronauts and it’s unfortunately for this current issue here. Also been getting the “DSP boot failure” issue since I received my Digitone a few days ago. It happened once when I received the device on OS 1.02 and I’ve had the msg pop up a few more times since updating to OS 1.10. No midi cables or audio cables going through input or output, just using headphones. Ran Digitone in test mode and it shows no errors. Power cycle fixes problem, but I don’t want this to become worse down the road. Submitted ticket and waiting for response.


Are we still saying that 1.10 is too dangerous to use right now?


I’m getting this message more often now. Also Digitone isn’t recognized as a midi device in ios. This most probably had to do with me running a beta version of ios12.


Submit a ticket to Elektron support. Good to let them know how many users are running into the “Dsp boot failure.” They have responded back to my ticket saying they are working on fixing it. Probably be resolved in the next update.


for a 5 months old device that I have to take 700€ in my hand, I think its too buggy.
Hopefully they come up with some good fixes, updates etc. soon.


I got my DN replaced meanwhile. It came with 1.02 preinstalled. I formated the +drive as I dont use presets anyway and updated to 1.10. No issues so far, no freezes, no DSP Boot Failure… Hope it stays this way…


Just started happening to me too. I’ve been on 1.10 for a couple weeks, but it just started happening today. Now it happens pretty regularly.

Ticket submitted.


Interesting. Maybe an issue with some default +Drive settings? Is there a way to back-up the presets from the +Drive before formatting?


Yes - I had the same question. I checked the manual, and it seems you can use C6 to backup individual banks and of course projects.

I might try formatting my +drive to see if that helps.


I’ve got a project on the go otherwise I’d do it, too. Will be watching the thread to see if it’s a go.


Its a microprocessor, this one to be exact


There is no " new territory for getting the code perfectly right" I don’t think that’s the problem.