DN/A4 multimap drum machines

By loading 128 drums sounds in the soundpool and using multimap you get a crazy powerful drum source when sequencing these externally from the OT.
What I‘m not sure about is how the soundlocks work in multimap.
Could I map let‘s say amp envelope decay, filter cutoff, fx sends etc midi ccs to the OT and control and parameter lock them in the OT sequencer? would they affect the soundpool sounds or only the current track sound of the DN/A4?
If so, could I map Kicks, snares, hihats on separate multimaps and tracks, and control them seperately by controlling their respective track parameters?
I have to try, but I‘m at home now. And I‘m dreaming about the OTDNA4 analog-fm drummachine at work right now :sweat_smile:

Soundlocks whether done manually, multimap or ‘livelockTM will respond to incoming parameter locks (as will the track sound) - so for percussion if you had say a kick followed by a hi-hat and they had different filter types, varying the filter type will radically reshape that step’s sound - but it’s of course easy to erase that automation e.g. all of it with FN+No during live record

Doing the locks via the OT will require the auto channel and you’ll forfeit some resolution as some A4 parameters are 14bit

Either way, this particular aspect of the A4 is unbelievably powerful - the only issue long term is having the same Soundlocks in the same positions (if you intend to keep the patterns)


You can’t modulate Sound locks parameters with track parameters, so I guess it is not possible with external midi.

But you can use macros CCs to modulate them.
Here at 2’08, you can hear filtering of Multi Map sounds played with OT.

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ha. didn’t know that feature :slightly_smiling_face:

macro CCs?
performance macros?

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If you do regular soundlocks and regular parameter locks the soundlocks on that step will acquire the locked value so I am unsure if this is semantics. The soundlock gets layered so to speak, at least directly on the device

If by modulate we broadly mean parameter lock (gotta be locked)

Ok, now I’m confused :slight_smile:
So my basic question would be… Can I macro control parameters of the multimap sounds via OT?
For example a multimap with only hihats, and I control the amp env decay for all these hihats on one OT knob…

or, staying with this example, do I have to use a performance macro and map the amp env decay. And then midi cc the performance macro on the OT…?

Or does this not work at all and I can only change the amp env of the multimap hihats using parameter locks on the A4 itself…?

I better try it tonight.

only if recording and if there was a parameter lock recorded at that step too - so the automation must pass all steps

I understand @sezare56’s point above


Yes with parameter locks. Btw I tried again, you can modulate sounds locks, but next soundlock recalls all its parameters so it doesn’t last. You can record parameter locks in Live Rec mode of course.

Yes. Perf Macro controls last, track parameters don’t, unless you plock / record them.


So on the A4 it would be possible via performance macros? They “overcome” the p-locks?
On the DN not possible, since no performance macros… I think controll all doesn’t work for locked parameters

That works as desired - i.e. it will transform the Track & SoundLock parameters and is dynamic with the Macro - no recording required

This is super useful


Yes. Perf macro modulate track, plocked and soundlocks parameters in a relative way. +/- 127 with max depth and bipolar setting (press Level knob).

Soundlocks override track parameters, plocks override track or soundlocks parameters.
Perf macros modulate them relatively.


Oh yeah, this will be fun. Thanks guys!:slight_smile:

Would be cool if this was possible on the DN as well. They both sound so great regarding drums.

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OT vs A4 Multi Map
1 A4 poly track, poly, 1 bar, sequenced by OT.

@Unifono did you tested it ?


awesome :blush: the reverb is crazy.
only with the digitone,. Works great but no performance macros…
have to pick up my A4 from the band rehearsal room…
But AR mk1 arrived today :blush: have to spend some time with this drummer first


Welcome to the Dark side of the Trinity. :tongue:

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finally :blush: