DJ gear for a friend?

I thought the same when I saw it, but it’s running Denon’s Engine Prime which is fantastic (speaking as an ex Traktor and Pioneer user…). Check this out:

You even get something like a Kaossilator for effects!


Yeah I actually think it looks pretty cool. Especially if it can read Rekordbox libraries - or if he doesn’t ever plan to play a club, it’s self contained so really easy to take to a party. I’m sure he’ll have loads of fun

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…well, not saying, it ain’t good…
just saying, it’s “only” leading to private fun…
that dj gear battle is over, when it comes to real world scenarios…
no pro venues out there with numark or denon gear…even if it might be “better” in some regards…

u might find a&h dj mixers out there a lot, instead of mostly also pioneer mixers, but when it comes to decks, there’s no way around pioneer anymore…

beta2000 video was the way better concept than vhs, once, but vhs became THE damned home video global standard anyways…just as an example…
if ur investing in dj gear, u better make sure, whatever ur private fun might be, it can always lead u as direct as possible to the real and official existing thing…
preparing great sets on numark gear at home might be fun but hopeless once u aim for the real fun in any club of whatsoever…

Do you think it’s so hard to get from one to another?

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I would DEFINITELY shy away from Traktor software on this one.

I’m not SUPER familiar with DJing either, but I know there are some cool things you can do in other softwares you can’t do in Traktor.

The ONE thing I’m aware of is being able to dj a video feed along with audio.

Im so mad that I bought traktor because thats so cool, id spend a weekend doing cool performance stuff with that

While i agree with some of you on the hesitation to use traktor, a buddy of mine has been using it for decades. There’s some things traktor can do that none of the others ones can do. Which in the long run, might have ur friend sounding like and doing things that dont sound like everyone else on pioneer equipment. And again, the gear doesnt really matter in the end. No body is gonna leave a party cause someones using traktor. Normal people dont care.

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If the plan isn’t to DJ in clubs, it doesn’t really matter what you want to use and bringin your own gear in and hooking up isn’t much of an issue either.

Serato is fine. Traktor is fine. Rekordbox is fine.
Pioneer is fine. Numark is fine. Denon is fine. NI is fine. Rane is fine. Roland is fine.

The only actual obstacle you might encounter is moving from one software to another and bringing your muscle memory up to par. Preparing your records is also a bit different.

Of course if you suddenly decide to spin vinyl you’re going to run into issues. That’s a whole different thing.


No it’s not! Don’t stress. DJ gear all follows a fairly similar model in how it functions - there might be some differences in things like looping and effects but nothing earth shattering. It depends how seriously they’re taking it, obviously getting intimately familiar with the gear you’ll encounter in clubs is good if you’ll do a lot of that, but if it’s just for fun it’ll be okay.

Like I say, the main thing is the format of your library, if they ever plan to DJ in a venue it’s a pain if your library is in the wrong format as you’ll probably have built up lots of playlists, possibly with stored cues and loops and things. It sounds like maybe the Numark won’t work perfectly with a Rekordbox library, but there is software which can convert your library between formats so all is not lost:


Another option for converting between DJ platforms are ATGR’s apps (see Lexicon is subscription based (GBP 13/month) and ATGR are one time purchases so that could be a factor.

I used ATGR to manage selective syncing of playlists and metadata between iTunes & Traktor for many years. Software is a bit clunky but once set up very reliable.

Both ATGR and Lexicon have friendly, support oriented developers, e.g. on Reddit.

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…not really, as tdmusic says…

there’s not much magic behind the decks left…apart from ur personal taste and how ur able to read a room…

the basic skill of beatmatching has vanished…and pretty much any device that offers two decks and a crossfader will let u grow into it…

but the new realtime stretch algos that can detect tempo and key and let u “play” with phrases is what u actually do, as a dj…and while all actual gear offers u that same options in one way or the other, all is same same but pretty different in final handling…

and we all know how important a ui layout is for any realtime fun confidence…and preparation…
and whatever u prepare in that numark ecosystem, just won’t translate one on one to the real world, which speaks pioneer…

this damned recordbox format is what it is…a truu recordbox, the lightweighted and warped version of heaps and heaps of vinyl trollies, just in ur pocket…and everbody who dj’ed only a decade ago, remembers the heavy lifting of their tune collections on vinyl…there’s no real way back, apart from some rare nostalgic and purist reasons, which will always exist, but remain a yesterdays’ party…

That numark is absolutely fine.

If down the line they play a club with rekordbox cdjs the software is free to build crates, put onto a usb and put into the cdj.

There are no special rekordbox exclusive skill sets required to do this and the basics of mixing will crossover from the numark to the cdjs

Just turn up early and get a practice


Very valuable info in this thread. My son is interested in DJing and I recommended Traktor to him because I made music with Maschine for many years and was very satisfied with it. However, I have no idea about DJing. Luckily I discovered this thread in time. Now he has ordered a Pioneer FLX4.


But recordbox needs pro version to record a mix, you would need a capture software if you dont pay the monthly fee.

It’s all good. I would suggest exactly this numark mixstream device! Because it’s standalone, and it can also read rekordbox formatted stuff. And you can even stream from online music services using WiFi, which can be very handy when you’re still building up your collection.

Have been DJ’ing for more than 30years, did it all, vinyl records, drive in shows, first Cd players with pitch, had my own record label and pressed up vinyl, used miss pinky timecode vinyl with djdecks software on a windows laptop, moved to MacBooks with traktor on timecode vinyl and later on x1 controller etc etc. When I play in clubs and venues I just bring a usb stick with rekordbox formatted music to use the CDJs.

Anyway, it’s all good. A good DJ is all about the music selection, playing the rights songs at the right moment in the right order. That’s hard enough as it is. Mixing technique is a nice ad on, but is easy and can be done on all devices.

The key is just practice practice practice, not to beat mix but to learn your music.

Personally I still manage my music on my laptop in iTunes using (smart) playlists, and then import in Traktor and Rekordbox. This keeps me flexible and independent from vendor lockin.

I think it’s beautiful you and your friends bought this device for your friend, respect! He can use it at home, bring it to gigs where no setup is, and hone his skills that easily transform to club standard pioneer CDJ gear.


I have already seen that with the subscriptions. I think that there are probably alternative ways to record his own mixes.

I also still have an old Traktor license in my NI account. That could be transfered to him and updated. A mapping file to marry the FLX4 with Traktor I have also already discovered.

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Similar experience here.

And currently I use iTunes for my music and each month I update a playlist called new music for gigs. All my music goes into iTunes and anything I think will work for gigs goes into that monthly folder.

Then when I have my gig i firstly go to that folder and move it into rekordbox to prepare my crates for the gig.

I’ve my residency gig tonight and that’s what I’ve been doing. Updating rekordbox crates with tunes I’ve been finding in recent weeks. Then I’ll dig through older tunes that I think will work with the new ones and make my set for tonight.

I only really use rekordbox for compiling crates for gigs, I’ve serato dvs for home use.

For gigs I bring usbs and put into cdjs and it uses rekordbox crates.

The basics of djing crosses over all these platforms. Focus on the music and don’t get caught up in the tech.

Most djs I play with, local and guests, use usbs into cdjs. Serato on laptop seems still to be a popular choice with hip hop djs. I rarely see anyone use traktor


If you have suitable Pioneer hardware (pretty much any recentish DJ controller of theirs), it unlocks Rekordbox DJ mode when connected, no sub needed


Yes, but i think more of their expensive ones does the unlock, not sure about the smaller devices.

There’s a list here, even the really cheap DDJ-200 unlocks :slight_smile:


A question about licensing: when you’re playing in a venue, do you have to have some kind of permission or something? Or is the general game that nobody cares?

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