DIY: OT Pickup Machine footswitch (now with final pics!)


hi thanks Markel will double check it all… going to revisit tonight and use a standard midi keyboard to setup and test the OT before I try again with the wirey hell that is my test rig… cheers G


Thanks to @qlamerand and @Markel
I have made my pedal… even made myself an enclosure… dusted off the MIG welder had to use plenty of black paint to cover my shameful welding…

I had to everything… I used an arduino nano… was so cheap! although very tiny… only powers off usb… first I breardboarded and learned the method… Its a very simple circuit thanks to the @qlamerand code… its really good … enjoyed the fact that it only had 2 resistors… I had these in stock from a previous build so was just a matter of buying the arduino, midi port and switches… I found those on uk ebay for £9.99 for 5 of them so happy…

Don’t look too carefully at the welding…

Pushed too hard with paint pen so it splurged everywhere… oh well…

Worked awesome implemented the “preset” code with debounce… works a treat…

thanks again!!! let me know if you have any other ideas like this guys!!


Awesome! Well done :slight_smile:


Great job, it looks very nice!


@qlamerand @Markel thanks guys for making this post and giving me confidence to carry it out… really excited about using it!! been so intense making it … hoping that i can get some interesting results from the OT


Inspired by this thread i’m busy building my 5 switch version. Pictures will follow when ready!
I’m using some old cheapy switches that i had, and building a simple case from 4mm MDF board.


hell yeah !!! let me know if you need any info I will help!!


My result with some small switches (hope they stand multiple foot-presses) and a case with 4mm MDF board:



I used qlamerand code, thanks, great work and nice code! (I made some small changes to the order of switches, and my switches are standard on).


Thanks! As you see it worked out nice!


loving the symbols on the board to show the purpose!! thats a neat idea!! great work and didnt take you long either!!


The planning and gathering of materials took some time :wink: but indead, assembling and the rest was relativily fast. Yeah i like to know what the buttons mean; i used some permament markers.


Maybe i give it a bit of paint sometime, but for now i just play some time with it and see if i like more buttons on it.

A future upgrade with some LEDs would also be nice: one for power, and on for MIDI activity.

But first: play time!


make sure you share that!! I was thinking a power button too as not sure how these arduinos like being powered all the time!


I will!


No problem i think.


good to know… was worrying as mine sits in that case and only know if its power if usb cable is connected… but a little LED and power switch would be perfect… not sure I want to retro fit anything now it’s all secure inside there!! enjoying using it… I did a full evening with mine and find the pickup machine is going to take some time to master!!


Same here :wink: and indeed the PU’s need some practice. But now with hands free! Have fun!


Thanks for all the info everyone, super excited to get a footswitch for my octa going.

I’m breadboarding this right now, but running into some trouble. I’m using qlamerand’s code/build, but only getting backwards question marks and squares on my serial monitor when I press a momentary switch (I checked the baud settings, seem correct…), and not getting midi out to anything. I’m just breadboarding, but the connections seem like they should be working. I just used the exact same code with no alterations, I’m pretty new to Arduino and my coding in general is very beginner. Are all these channels/notes set up already or do I need to specify them?

Edit: I’ve had time to look at the code and make a little more sense of it, but I still have the same issue in not getting any midi sent out of it, either through the midi cable (running to my interface and trying to send a note to a VSTi) or through the serial monitor.

Edit 2: Built it! I think there was trouble breadboarding from a bad connection somewhere, but when I actually got everything soldered up it worked perfectly. I would post pictures but it’s just a metal box with some ugly soldering, so I’ll just say thanks everyone for the information and the inspiration!


Great looking pedals here!

Here comes mine:
1st row: Seq Play, Seq Stop, Track up, Mute
2nd row: Combo Rec, Play/Stop (Pickup), Track down, Crossfader

Crossfader sends CC to 127 (“full to the right”) when pressed and 0 when released. I use this at the moment mainly to enable the send value of a delay on a thru track where I play my live violin.

The display not only shows the currently pressed button. For the control of the pickup machines the infow message is hold for several seconds. This is very handy for me and gives me more a safety feeling during a live session. The OT gives no feedback if a message was received (and it is waiting because of the enabled quantization). This is very useful for me to have this in a display on the table with my machines.

Potentiometers and buttons are not used yet. I mounted them because it looked so nice and in the future I may use it to control a few additional parameters in my Elektron machines directly.

BTW the controller is connected to the MIDI IN of my Arturia Keystep which has a soft thru functionality which works great for me.

I use a 5V powerbank for powering. In the future I may add an input for a power supply and use an additional splitter from 9V pedal or 12V. Yes, a case for the display/Arduino will make sense.