DIY MIDI Controller for Track Volume


that’s nice :slight_smile:
i’m sure someone will be really happy once this is ready/finished :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s really interesting!!!

Just two points

for me i think it’s better to work with the track volume, because it’s like the fader in a console or mixer

A 16 fader one could be very interesting to control AR + A4, 12 + 4 track


I think this is absolutely awesome (I’m looking for a suitable controller to connect directly to the track levels of my Rytm).
@sd88me how do you like it so far? and is this Arduino based?


Great idea and looks like you’ve constructed it nicely! :slight_smile:


Could you share more information?

What faders have you used? Is it possible to check the code and try to create similar own?

Thank you

Portable MIDI Mixer Controller for the Digitakt

Unfortunately this did not turn out to be as useful as I first anticipated due to the fact that track volume is not global, so when changing kits the faders do not reflect the track volumes. ie. if all physical faders are down and then you change to another kit, the track volume will jump to where it was saved.

Would be cool if there was an option to make track volume global considering there are a few points of gain stage per part before track volume… for example amp level.

As for code and guidance I followed the DJ Techtools article using a Teensy which can act as a standalone USB MIDI device or a normal MIDI device.


Thank you for explanation. I’ve already checked this tutorial.

As to global volume, yes that’s it, but you can set volume in app preferences accroding to level of fader equals top position (127) and, after that, it will be more suitable to manage volume. And you are not alone - I’ve played Roland mx-1 - it has similar problem from the box - seems it is digital mixer with midi routing of digital signal.



Nice project. How did you get MIDI DIN out from the Teensy?




can we use oktacontrol also on AR? should work no?


Yes you can but they stopped making them.


Are you still using it? Its an awesome project.
My first thought when you mentioned this problem was to have the microcontroller send midi signals constantly, not only when the fader is moved. Or is there an issue with ‘too much’ midi information at the same time?


this might be of some help maybe…? :thinking:


I have the PC12 and it works awesome with the Rytm


Use Aftertouch as teh mod source. Each track gets it’s own AT and they map same as perfs.


Aftertouch and velocity…
If you disable velocity to volume and set up velocity mod, each track gets a mod depth from the velocity parameter on the note page…

Both work awesome using external midi as steady yet adjustable mod depths…


I’m thinking of building myself a similar controller and also add encoders for Performance macros.

  • As someone above mentionned, would it work to constantly send the faders positions to the Rytm or would that overload the midi port?

  • Can someone explain me how aftertouch is working on the rytm, and what I can do with it?

  • is there a way to add a “reset kit” button or is it not possible through midi?

  • You need to rate-limit CC’s or the Rytm will overload
  • Aftertouch can be assigned to parameters in the Sound Settings
  • You would need to send a Kit Sysex of the default Kit for a complete reset…or you could send the default values of all the available MIDI CC’s (rate-limited)…but that can’t access certain parameters / settings that belong to a Kit.