Disgusting Resale Prices

Stuff like this really bugs me out. I understand supply and demand but damn. The company themselves are selling the product brand new for half the price. I get that there’s a wait. But plz plz do better y’all this ain’t right

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Yes and no, it’s the classic supply and demand game.

You are not forced to buy and if you can wait you have it for the normal retail price, so it’s not so disgusting.

A black market for oxygen and medicines; Profits of doom, that’s really disgusting.


A MnM sold in the the UK this evening on eBay for £2.630. That is incredible. It was an auction that I decided to watch and the bids just kept coming.

If folks are paying then fair game. What does my tits in are the scalpers out there hoovering stuff up and then charging an arm and a leg. Trying to get hold of a PS5 is outrageous just now!


capitalism is a plague to the human experience


I’ll wait for the Behringer UnoMachine. Lol.


Greed is the plague…


That is crazy for the MnM but i get how someone may find worth in it.

As far as the scalping thing goes, its fucking absurd man. Somehow I managed to get one at launch (digital one) through curries, after getting booted out an so on I finally got a place in the queue. I hate the fact that all these things are hitting simultaneously - shortages of parts, the global pandemic, greedy cunts cheating their way into making a packet of money

I pad £360 for my PS5, so I sold my PS4 for £90 the day it arrived, so as far value for money, it’s fantastic all the PS4 games I love now run at mad frame rates and have enhanced resolution The loading thing with the SDD? if you die in Returnal you’re back in 1-2 seconds. Same with Demons Souls, literally a second. What sucks is it means far less people are actually playing Returnal and sharing how different each run is, its incredible or demons souls and I have no-one to invade or co-op with…its shit man, and I really hope you get one soon.


Greed is as instinctive as being scared of the dark. It’s one of our lesser traits.

I should add IMO…I have a less than rosy view of humans in general. We’re certainly a complicated and contradictory bunch. Greed is something primal in us, again IMO.


the nature of free market…

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luxury problems


from the large scale= colonization…to the smallest form of hoarding

it’s a primal trait that feeds on the temperature of the “spirit of the time” and temperament and sensibility of the individual.


Love the Microcosm post: “Velcro on the back but mint”…sure bud, velcro is minty fresh


TRICK-le down and reach around economics haha


omg I love it when they say mint condition, just missing some caps, and couple-o-blemishes you can hardly see but doesn’t interfere with functionality at all…



There have been a few threads/posts about this lately.

I understand if they want to try and sell at a premium because they aren’t in stock, and if someone wants to pay for the convenience, ok.

But…40, 70, 100% over list on a current production piece?
Nah, that guy is just an asshole.


The CO2 Derivate market is something to complain about. That’s simply air that we breath.

Gear prices… classic game out of the book. Look at the appearance of those 1500$ Blue Marvins…

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Humans are wonderful. The human family just need to stick together and sort the few assholes out, that want to divide us.

Simply don’t buy overpriced.


If someone is willing to pay, then the seller should absolutely gouge.

People who are willing to spend that money should be cleaned out. Even if it’s to benefit somebody that you don’t admire.

What in the world is admirable about overpaying? The person who is willing to be cleaned out for a machine is truly the one who is disgusting here. They create the market, not the seller.

Sellers just sell. And a seller would be foolish to not ask for market value when the market simply is what it is.

If you’ve ever found yourself overpaying for something, then you know that you are the problem. A seller set a price, and you bit. You rewarded greed with money.

If people would simply refrain from paying stupid prices, the market would naturally become more reasonable.


lol wtf

im actually in the process of negotiating with a seller for a monomachine mk2 at 800 euros lmao


yep, there are A-Holes who run businesses everywhere and charge quite economical prices just look at papa johns pizza, no gouging but an horrendous anus… people should stop paying $1500 for a $300 box of whatever.

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