Disabling and enabling tracks on Measure


I would like to know if it’s possible to disable and enable a given track after the last step is played like it happens when you change patterns. This is easier that have to make a pattern with tracks configuration in order to do this happen at the end of the measure despite the moment when they are disabled or enabled. Is it there any key combination to achieve this?


I guess it depends for how many bars you want that track to be muted after it plays.

Could you not just set it to play/stop and play again with the conditional trigs on the trig page?

I was expecting something more like Ableton Live concerning clips/tracks and not only scenes/patterns when it comes to the track starting at the beginning of the next steeping cycle.

No there’s not. You’ll just have to get that old school dexterity. The octatrack has something like this in the “plays free” mode but it’s the only elektron ever to use such a thing (and 99% of people don’t use it on the OT either so not hard to see why it never came to other machines)