DIN SYNC run signal high after double stop


Hello all,

What could be the reason on a digitakt (and other Elektrons?) that with DIN24 / DIN48 SYNC, if you press a double stop, the Run signal goes and stays high? Nothing runs…

Is it a special situation for song position 0 like discussed here? AR/4/K Din-Sync Voltage Info (as a picture showing the high signal).

Could this be a bug or another case of a special double stop implementation?

Regards, Airell.


Double stop is a way to reset everything back to zero - iirc there are also more midi messages transmitted when double stop is pressed, it’s certainly a more emphatic stop and different from a single stop. Maybe other users of Din Sync gear can chime in if this is standard implementation and what the purpose would be of going high(run) whilst the pulse train is off - interesting question


Yes I know, I think there is a program change 127 transmitted as well. This makes other gear go crazy. I my opinion a sysex should have been used for stuff outside the midi standard for special Elektron uses (or use the System Real-Time Message 11111100 = Stop the current sequence). I had this explained by Elektron. No change here.

That’s actually what I am wondering. Is it standard? Because it’s the run signal, but no clock, so nothing running.


No it isn’t standard din sync behaviour, when stopped run/stop should be low. However it does come in handy for powering devices from the 5v, like the sync clock divider that one of the forum members sells (whose name escapes me now).


I don’t know whether the following applies to any Elektron gear other than the Analog Four, but the release notes for Analog Four OS 1.12 describe the following feature:

DIN Sync
When [STOP]+[STOP] is pressed the DIN Sync outputs are put in a ready to start mode, so that when the sequencer starts the synced units will be able to start directly with it. When placed in this mode a TB-303 can not be programmed. Therefore you can now exit this mode by pressing [STOP] and re-enter it by pressing [STOP]+[STOP].