hello guys ^^

I developed a free midi mapping to use traktor and digitakt …

manual and instruction here

:warning: works with TRAKTOR 3!



stay tuned


I’d love to see this in action


Very nice indeed…
I have spent the last 3 months developping a TSI file for controlling 4 decks in TP2 with Maschine Jam. I ended up getting rid of my 2 X1Mk2.
Looking forward to testing yours @richardf


This looks really great. Looking to try it out, but the instructions above are a bit opaque for me. I’ve loaded the .TSI file into Traktor’s controller settings. Could you explain the Sysex procedure to me as someone who’s never done it before, @richardf? Will it erase or write over anything I have stored in my Digitakt? Will I still be able to use the Digitakt’s normal functionality?


I don’t think there’s a sysex involved in this you just use the midi tracks of the digitakt to send cc messages and Traktor Will respond to those using the midi mapping in the .tsi file all you do is just follow the images to setup you digitakt


Ah! Are you sure that’s all there is? The images have the following instructions verbatim:

Open *.TSI files on Traktor setting
~ Load “Digitraktor Sysex” in Digitakt ~
Now compatible with Traktor 3

And there’s a sysex file included in the zip.


Hi guys ^^

Thanks for the attention! :heart:
We practically used the default midi cc on the 4 midi pages of the digitakt (A / B / C / D) … without changing any parameter!!!
So you can also not import the sysex file (it should work anyway!) :diddly:

*if you use the overbridge drivers remember to tick “only midi usb” in SYSTEM / USB CONFIG