DigitoneKeys as a pure Send/Return FX on a Mackie Mixer (?)

Can I use the DigitoneKeys as a pure effect/FX unit so that I can use it as an “analoge” insert effect into my Mackie 1604 ?

I have set up the 8 track outputs from the DigitoneKey to 8 input channels of the mixer. But I also want other synthesizers connected to the mixer to be fed by the great FX algorithms of the Digitone (delay and reverb).

Yes, with the only caveat that I know of being for each pattern you work on on the Digitone, you need to adjust the input volume and effects sends.

It defaults to zero on all accounts, so I’d recommend you set the page up how you’d like, then copy and paste the page across as many patterns as you have the patience to do, that way you have an even setup as you go forward.

I’d recommend keeping the Digitone’s sounds going through the internal routing since a big part of the sound is p-locking effects levels, which you can’t do using the aux system you have going on. You would however be able to get 100% wet sounds using the aux though, which you can’t do with the Digitone (at least that I know of), so that’d be cool to play with.


thanks @hyperstationjr