Digitone won’t receive clock from polyend tracker

Hey folks, recently got the polyend tracker. It’s awesome but having trouble with midi.

I want the tracker to sequence the digitone, so all is configured to midi out on the tracker, midi in on digitone

Problem is digitone does not receive the clock or anything.

I thought there may have been an issue with the midi out jack on the tracker, but it worked with the model cycles and other synths I have.

I sent a thru cable from the model cycles to the digitone and guess what, it receives the clock from the tracker

It’s super frustrating because I have a trip coming up and wanted to only bring the digitone and tracker with me. Any ideas how to trouble shoot this bug?

have you enabled receive clock option in the midi settings on the digitone?

wrong 3.5mm MIDI type !
? (i.e. wrong dongle)


I feel like this could be the only thing but why would it work with other elektron boxes with those dongles lol

Yes of course, digitone gets clocks from other devices except the polyend.

Because, IIRC, the M:C auto-detect or has the option to change the type of dongle?

You guys might be right, the elektron dongles are type A, polyend is Type B

FFS lmao hoping this is it