Digitone vs 0-coast

which is better for basses and environments?

Which will be less boring in the future?

I don’t know if it’s really fair to compare them, as they’re quite different to each other.

I’ve owned both, but sold the 0-coast and still have the Digitone. It’s a lot more versatile, so I guess that counts as “less boring” :stuck_out_tongue: also, being polyphonic, it’s naturally more appropriate for ambient music.


hello, why did you sell the 0-coast

I didn’t have any other eurorack gear at the time, and wanted to avoid the temptation to go in that direction. I ended up getting into eurorack a year later anyway… I do kinda miss it tbh, would be nice paired with their new 0-ctrl thing.


hands down digitone

What kinds of basses and environments do you like?

What kinds of things do you expect to bore you in the future?


I don’t have the 0-coast but I’m interested in getting one. The Digitone can do so much stuff, which I do have. You’ll get a lot more mileage out of it, that’s not really arguable. You can set it up to do west coast style stuff pretty easily. Still, the 0Coast is still unique and it’s Eurorack.

I also owned both, but sold the digitone. It didn’t add much to what i allready have (mainly Octatrack and Nord G2) and i still have the 0-coast. The 0-coast is the synth i use the most at this moment: it’s so hands on and flexible. And i don’t have any other eurorack… altough i’m hoping to pair it with the 0-ctrl soon.

But as other said they are very very different!

Hello, I am looking for very fat basses and I want to buy the one that has the most possibilities, that you always discover new sounds and not fall for it.

I never really got huge basses out of the 0-coast. The Digitone, however, oof, there’s some very thick bass potential in there. As clean or as dirty as you want.

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There’s definitely some bass potential in the 0-Coast, to a point I almost didn’t end up selling it. Still remember how I discovered that potential (not that this is a hack or anything), was just playing around with the Octatrack midi arp and tuned the sequence down by an octave. One of fave bass sounds right there. Not subby, just very biting. Still couldn’t justify keeping it just as a bass synth, as I wasn’t really fond of the tone overall.

I don’t have a Digitone but from the initial ’meh’ it has grown on me and I’ll probably end up buying it 2nd hand at some point. Very nice bass can be achieved with the DN as well.

Both have a lot of sonic and musical depth but this is still apples to oranges. Of the two I’d buy a Digitone myself right now.

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I’ve had both (still have Digitone), there isn’t really a comparison to be made. Only the Digitone can do “fat basses” and “environments” at the same time in any case - plus it can cover a lot of the 0-coast’s ground if you roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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That digitone wavefolding demo sounds cool, but not like an 0-Coast. The 0-Coast has more edge and weight to its sound.

@jhoncompra - what other gear do you have, or plan to get? If you get an 0-coast, how will you sequence it?

If it’s your first/only piece of gear, I’d recommend one of the elektron boxes first.

If you already have other gear + sequencer, then… do you prefer the sound of FM bass or west coast synth bass?

They aren’t really comparable, these two products…

I think we are reaching peak non subtractive synth fight (although the dt has quite a bit of subtractive synth in its blood). FM pared down vs west coast Buchla pared down. Who wins in the deadliest of synthernet battles?

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Apples and toasters man.

(Not even apples and oranges :wink: )


Maybe toaster vs dehydrator?


I own both. I sold the O-Coast, but missed it’s unique character, and form factor, and ultimately got it back. I don’t ever plan on selling my DTone though. For a week I didnt gel with it, but as soon as I wrapped my head around it’s ui, it’s been used by myself everyday. It’s very versatile, can be used as an audio interface, and also an external fx unit. It can do all manner of sounds from typical FM, to bottom rocking kicks. It’s very easy to get atmospheric sounds out of it by setting the env to infinite release and messing with the operators. Stacking the operators can lead to some really nice psychoacoustics. The O-Coast is a little more immediate, but I’d say dialing in sounds may not necessary be as easy. I also think you’re going to be really limited as it’s a monosynth (you can create paraphonic with patching), so you’rr really only going to be getting one sound at a time. The bottom end isn’t as rumbling as the Digitone, and you also don’t have any onboard efx to help get those atmospheroc tails. I’m going to assume that since you’re asking about these two, very different, synths that you perhaps don’t have much synthesis programming experience. I can see that leading to a lot of head scratching and frustration using the O-Coast. So without a doubt, for your situation, go with the Digitone. If you don’t like it, I’ll trade you my OCoast for your DN.


i had the Digitone for a while, still have the 0-coast. i’d surely say that the Digitone is capable of a bigger palette of sounds in total, but the 0-coast can also do stuff the Digitone can’t. the reason i decided to sell the Digitone was because lately i’ve decided to focus on hardware that’s more immediate, the Digitone is very menu dive-y. i also feel like i’m working faster with Ableton’s Operator, for example.

I’m starting to see similarities between the UI of my toaster and the long-gone 0-Coast now… :smile:

Well I guess the 0-coast can make actual straight-up square waves, so you are technically correct about the edges I suppose.

The Digitone weighs more though, like almost twice as much. Although again it has 8 times as many voices so maybe you are right again if I adjust the weight per voice.


I think OP is comparing a fancy chef’s knife to a portable cooking station. The 0-Coast is a magical circuit that makes interesting unexpected sounds with great intricacy, but it’s a limited tool when it comes to making a whole song (in the conventional sense). You can make a whole song on the DN, full stop. That’s what really kind of separates the two synths.

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