Digitone UI sluggish in Overbridge mode

Video of behavior: https://streamable.com/7sjf8f

Overbridge v2.0.41.11, Digitone v1.30A, Win10 Build 19041 (probably due for a reinstall tbh).

Surely this isn’t normal? I don’t see many other people talking about it.

–edit-- I should also note, that video was taken with just the standalone OB app open on a blank project. Also had everything disabled in the midi sync config, if that means anything.


I see the exact same thing. It seems to be intermittent. If I restart my pc and digitone the thing seems a bit more responsive but then begins to go slow again. It would be worth putting in an official ticket to elektron about this

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There’s def some coms issues with dn still.

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Yeah I’ve been having the same issues. Somewhat relieved I’m not the only one.

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Same… I hope next hardware will have some chips from TSMC with mooooore power :sweat_smile:

Are we sure this is a hardware issue? If so, I imagine more people would be vocal about it.

Anyone know if the Digitakt suffers from the same behavior? In any case, I submitted a ticket.

The midi processing was always a bit wonky if you throw a lot of data at the machines… I have no clue if it’s just “slow” code or a hardware limitation. I reckon a hardware limitation that needs to be solved by improving the code! :stuck_out_tongue:

For the Digitakt it is the same iirc…

To me it looks almost like some strange transport hiccup. Eg you send the data to the plugin which then tries to send the data back and they compete and this back and forth eats up bandwidth.

So I recently did a clean reinstall of W10/drivers and swapped my usb cable/port, and I’m operating without any loss in responsiveness (currently using the plugin in Renoise).

I’ll experiment at some point to see if I can narrow down what change made the difference, but maybe this is just a temporary thing ¯\(ツ)

Same problem here.
Here is the response from Elektron :

Hi Erwan,

I’m sorry to hear this.

This should not happen unless you’re heavily automating multiple parameters via Overbridge. Then the Digitone can run out of CPU cycles and the UI will become sluggish. If it happens when not automating parameters, this is not something we’ve heard of before. Could you try if the behavior is the same when using the most recent version of Overbridge? https://www.elektron.se/support/?connection=overbridge#resources

Best Regards,

I like the part where they said they never heard about it before…
I don’t automate from ableton, only from the digitone.
Did the upgrade mentionned in the mail, still the same problem. No response after that.
It’s really weird cause it’s intermittent and I can’t find a way to reproduce this bug. It happens with blank project, with project full of automations…

There are multiples topics on the subject here :

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like : “Oh your Internet doesnt work ? … Have you connect
the Cable ?”

Still have the Digitone-Problems.
Overbridge contains a lot of Bugs.
Sometimes (sometimes after 10 Minutes…or after 1 hour)
any Device (Digitakt or Digitone) Overbridge-Connection lost.
I have to delete and re-drop the VST-Track or Reboot the Device.

Sluggist Digitone OS was happening with me with absolutely no automated parameters. Just playing around with the filter :confused:

I just don’t use overbridge. I have audio ins, but for some that do not have audio interfaces, it kind of totally defeats the purpose of Overbridge entirely.

I had contacted them a while ago about this problem and just said screw it. Not using OB.

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So for the people still in trouble i found something interesting, the lag seems to depend from the sound you charged in the digitone.
If i play 4 simple patch of bass (like juste a low sub, no mudlation) it’s less laggy than if I play some patch with heavy lfo modulation. Anyone can confirm? I made a project and as soon as I made a patch of mine with both lfo, it get messy, as soon as i come back to the simpler sounds, it get back to normal. I thought it was maybe because the lfo were tied to the bpm, but no, it’s not seems to be the problem.
Of course, 0 automation anywhere.

I happy cause before i thought that once you were laggy, youll have to make a new project and the project would be always laggy.
Sorry if its not very clear, I’m not that good in english.
Good luck

New overbridge update, but still this problem…

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Yep. Still the Problem.
And it is Random ! Using with OVERBRIDGE or without…Digitone is still sluggish !
With complex Patches/Projects My Digitakt sometimes freeze for a few Seconds.

Digitone-OS is buggy !
Elektron-Support is like :
„…complex Projects with a Lot of Conditions and Trigs is a heavy Load for Digitone…“
Okay…Elektron…Digitone has a Problem with itself ??? Why i bought this Machine ?? :man_facepalming:t2:
Trigs,Conditions & complex FM-Structures is the whole Concept for Digitone…not ???


I hope next generation will have a M1-like processor without excuses

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Can definitely confirm that problem. I can compensate it by going to “AUDIO ROUTING” and toggle the “INT TO MAIN” from “ON” to “AUTO”. It’s gone for now. But sometimes it’s coming back, the only thing that helps is hard disconnecting the USB. Still very weird, it’s totally killing my workflow.

I honestly don’t understand what limitations caused the digitakt/digitone to be seemingly so limited (computing power wise). I understand limitation functionality wise - but release something that is MAXXED out already - surely you wanna release something with like at least 30-40% CPU headroom to grow / handle unforseen issues!

I found a solution: Deactivate ‘Recieve MIDI CC’ & ‘Recieve Notes’ on the DN.

Maybe it works for you as well.


Agreed - modulating lots of parameters with Bitwig locks up the Digitone where it takes many seconds to respond to any user input. Not cool.

I remember there was a challenge back on the old Elektronauts forum when Overbridge 1 came out and it was to push the A4 and RYTM machines to the max with LFOs and other DAW modulation sources. People went crazy and the machines seemed to take a lot of inputs.

So why can’t the Digitone handle it?