DigiTone through Ottobit Jr.?

I feel like the Ottobit could really chunk on those glassy highs of the DigiTone, but haven’t found any proof of it being able to do so. Prove me wrong?

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doesn’t the DT Band pass filter help you?

I meant that it would process the DigiTone in a delightful way. I’m not looking to hear if the Ottobit would “fix” anything, I want to hear it do lovely things to the DigiTone, especially the highs.

I can’t afford to buy one right now, and wouldn’t have the time to use it if I did, but I’d love to hear what the DigiTone sounds through it. :slight_smile:


I hear that! I have Digitone, but not Ottobit Jr., however, I agree that this seems like a really wild combo. I’m sure someone out there has both, or access to both. I recently got a particle V2. You’re making me think I should try running the DN straight through that for some madness… Perhaps an experiment to try this weekend…

Side Note: This could be an interesting topic for a thread. “One box, one pedal, one jam” or something to that effect. Kinda like what 3rdStoreyChemist does on YouTube where they run various synths through various effects.


Yoo you should post a vid of yr dn through your particle v2 :slight_smile:


I’m on it! I’ll try to get that cooking tonight or tomorrow.


Sweet!! Looking forward

Yes please, Im on the fence for the particle big time

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Well, better late than never, I suppose! I took a few videos running Digitone through the Particle V2. Here’s the first one, using the LFO delay mode. I’ll upload the other two videos tomorrow. I was actually wondering whether I should keep this pedal, and after playing with it tonight - it’s a keeper!


thanks for posting! I wonder if I should retitle this thread to entice people to post audio of just the digis with quality pedals… :smile:


I’ve run digitone through the bitcrusher/bit reduction on the qu-bit prism with some awesome results. Bit crushers are ace! Bit of LPF and delay, sounds amazing.

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I’d love to hear it! :slight_smile:

ouch, so nice. I imagine this being great for dj-like stutter fx on just a drum beat, would appreciate greatly if you try that as well:) The fact it’s stereo is simply great. Thank you!

@mishpult Yeah - not only is the stereo in/out nice, the fidelity is really nice. It’s a very high quality fx unit. I use Digitone for creating drum loops quite a bit. I’ll dig through my library and try to see if I can fulfill your request.

As promised, here are a couple more short demos of two other modes that I liked. I may now go through and record something similar for each of the different modes…

I hope the quality is decent enough. I was trying to put these together quickly after an “interesting” evening with a 2-year-old and a 7-week-old.

edit: I should note the signal path. DN->particle-> Mercury7 reverb -> Analog Heat set to provide some dynamics and, well, heat!


Color me amazed that you were able to record this many videos with that parallel set up going on. :blush:

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That’s why they’re so short and crappy!

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You do what you can with the time you have, and just try to at least get some time everyday. That’s how I try, anyway. (3 and change year old, 1 year old over here)


Hey guys,
Great discussion! I have a new unreleased track for my new album that features the Digitone and the Ottobit Jr. working together in a very amazing way. This was literally this first session with the Ottobit when it came. Its a really great combination and i also have the Polymoon too and will be pulling the trigger on the Merc7 VERY soon. Meris is the shit and the stereo inputs and outs are everything. Such great stuff!

So here is a link to the track and all the glitch synth stuff which is basically acts as a lead throughout the track. Anytime you hear the high pitched glitch thats Ottobit Jr. and Digitone. The song starts out with it and it continues until the drop section. Its kind of just sprinkled throughout. The breakdown at 1:17 is really highlighted.

The Ottbit’s filter is worth the price of the pedal and also the bit crush is really, really brutally lovely.


Oh hell yeahhhhh! Made my day. I have a v1 and digitone but have not tried it because v1 isn’t stereo

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The is sick, what a good thread. Digitone + pedals should it’s own thread. Much love for Meris, wonder what hedra would sound like with dn… are those real drums recorded?