Digitone Techno Set

I made a techno set with the Digitone, it’s up on Youtube and I would love your feedback!


This is really great ! thanks for sharing. I am still trying to get some good sounds out of this thing. really inspiring.

I noticed you are playing a lot with track lengths?

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Thanks a lot!
I’m not sure if you’re talking about the button or the concept :slight_smile:
To answer both, yes, I like to include polyrhythms, it feels more hypnotic and also artificially increase the length of patterns.
If you’re talking about the “Page” button, when you hold it down it activates the fill trigs, so you get another variation on your pattern
Hope it helps!

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Polymeters :wink:


Damn, been using that wrong my whole life, thanks for the correction!!

Thanks! I was curious about the difference.

Hi @Martebar. I’m new here and I’ve been posting here about which first Elektron device to get and your video is really interesting. I want to be self-contained with a single Elektron device (at least for a while - I can’t afford to buy loads of equipment) and I want to be able to jam with this kind of electronic/techno sounds and it looks like you can go a long way with this one machine!

Great work!

Super cool!
I think it’s possible to make self contained stuff on every elektron machine and it’s actually a great exercise to get to know the ins and outs of it (even though I can’t claim I do for the Digitone yet)
Anyway, the bigger things about all this is: create challenges for yourself, and don’t think that you have to overproduce everything to have tracks that actually work (also don’t be afraid to use preset :slight_smile: )
Have fun with the Digitone!

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Very nice set, thanks for posting. You get a lot of mileage out of the 4 tracks.

I respect your single machine approach, especially on the DN. I used to focus much on single machines (mostly MDUW only). Coming from a Maschine background in the meantime, I really appreciate some stacking (in my default setup, up to 16 sounds stacked per note).

How about a very basic drumkit, nice round 808 kick below your nice DN kicks, a wide clap, some basic hihats on top? You can also stack inside the DN, like Kick layers on several tracks, snare-type click coming from several tracks with different characters.

Hey! To celebrate 20000 views I just put the set on Bandcamp, cheers!

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