Digitone + SP404SX =Dirty breaks jam


Just my first jam with the SP404SX providing drums and the granular sample and bass and melody from DN


Interesting … !
Are you using the SP404 's sequencer or just the Digitone Midi tracks ?


Only one MIDI cable involved, out from Digitone, into SP404 it seems. It could be for just clock, but he doesn’t hit the pad to play on the SP, he hits FN+T1 (mute/unmute? I don’t have a digitone so idk how that works for sequencing and playback…)

I never could live with an SP404 because the sequencer just killed me. Maybe with an Elektron sequencer it would be a worthwhile sampler??

I wonder about Digitone+Digitakt combo compared to Digitone+SP404?


Midi tracks


I would go DT+DN over this. It’s nice but nowhere as nice as a DT would be with a DN.

SP404SX is great, but in this situation the samples are very static as there’s not much on the fly editing, lfo’s etc


Thanks ! :wink:


Yeah this is great. Nice melodies and sound design. I’m glad there are others on youtube doing longform jams with just the one pattern!


thanks, you did the doom one eh. that was awesome


This was awesome to watch dude super inspiring, just picked up a digitone myself and am finally gonna get to mess around with it and the SP