Digitone sound pack install

i just downloaded the jogging house sound pack (looks great!) and am a bit confused about installing it. my transfer wont connect (nothing new there) so i used c6 but whats the best way to install the new 128 patches? i sent them with c6 and it looks like they all just got dumped in with the factory presets and my patches… id like to have them separated out if i can. apologies if this topic is redundant but theres scant info on instlaling soundpacks on DN that i can find…

You should be able to choose the bank they go to. I put my haunted hearts patches in bank G far away from the factory presets

thanks yeah ive seen people saying this. i just have no idea how to choose the bank, any help specifically doing that would be appreciated!

iirc it prompted me to choose a bank on the digitone when I went to receive sysex in the menu. What happens when you do it?

We now have a Sound Pack installation manual for all our current machines. Head over to the Support section of the Elektron website and select Sound Packs in the drop down menu.


wow… how many sounds do you have on your DN?

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sorted - thanks all :slight_smile:

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Only banks A,B and G are full and maybe 30 sounds in bank C. So, not that many!

I know this post is old, but how do you sort your banks? lets say one pack comes with 40 presets, and another comes with 60…can you load them on the same bank, or you would have to move them manually one by one?