Digitone sound over usb while not the active sound interface [no overbridge]


Hello I have been surfing the internet, but I did not find an answer, so maybe you guys can help me. I understand digitone’s vst in in development, but is it possible to simply route the sound from digitone over usb as an single track (nothing more) in ableton. Please note I have my external sound interface as selected device in abletone, digitakt over overbridge. Thank you :pray:


Actually not until you know another program which can stream audio into Ableton via another VST plugin.

Maybe VCV rack in combination with the VST bridge may work? Haven’t tried it.

If you are an apple user you can also try to setup an Aggregate Device which combines multiple sound interfaces into a single one, but that’s hit & miss depending on the involved interfaces.

But the Digitone Overbridge support should become available soon (its actually in private beta as far as I know).


Ok, cool thank you for confirming this :slight_smile:
Side question can you sign up for private beta :smiley:


No. It’s invitation only.


If you are on mac you can try creating an aggregate device from Audio Midi Setup. Basically you combine multiple soundcards into one and you can use it in Ableton or other DAW.
This is how I use both my Focusrite and TR-08 individual outputs in my current setup.