Digitone playing itself


4 Tracks with Triggers. No human interference while played.


Wow. I love this, really Eno! Only 4 trigs? So this is all down to the sounds themselves?


This is gorgeous. Internal fx only?

Also, love the subtle animation in the video.


Thank you. I love making tracks that are playing themselves. I use conditional triggers a lot. The song uses all 4 tracks of the DT at full bar lenght and I animated several parameters. I am also curious about the software update with the new parameter randomization functions, no time yet to test it.


I am not sure which approach I used especially for that song, but normally I am either using the internal fxs (can be animated) and DAW mastering, or I record the pure tracks and use DAW fx (send) and mixing and mastering on the DAW (and no animation within DT for the fx).

The software I use for the “space travels” is called “Space Engine”. Very impressive and powerful App.



Thanks, just read first post again (had just woken up the first time - LOL) ‘4 tracks with triggers’. The new randomization functions are great, created a nice slippery morphing voice using it, just a little tweaking to get it exactly where I wanted, but very inspiring :slight_smile:


Real nice sir ! Thank you for sharing :+1:


Have to agree with ML here, really lovely stuff