Digitone + Overbridge Stuck in "measuring" Phase on macOS Ventura

My Digitone has been updated to v1.40. My Overbridge Engine is 21.5.4. And the Macbook Pro is macOS Ventura 13.0.1. Macbook Pro is 15-inch 2018 model (Intel)

Overbridge Engine starts up with my computer. If I then connect my Digitone and turn it on, I see it appear in the Overbridge Engine window’s list. But the status will say “measuring” and never change from this.

If I then attempt to open the Digitone software on the mac, it never opens. The icon just bounces in the dock. Overbridge is enabled in the Digitone’s USB Config menu.

Has anyone else run into Overbridge issues on macOS Ventura?

Hi !
I’ve experienced the “measuring” topic with both DN and DT and macos ventura. Concluded that was lack of juice into the usb hub. Are you connecting directly to the Macbook ?
I’ve exchanged to a powered hub and the topic has gone.

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Oh woah, I never thought of that. I figured that wouldn’t be necessary since the Digitone has its own power adapter. Bummer. I’ll give that a try.