Digitone Overbridge master FX track

Hello eeverybody,
last time I used Overbridge, there was no way to have the main FX track with just the effects in send, like the other Elektron machines.
The master is basically a mix of everything the machine is playing.

I just want to ask if the situation is still the same, since I have not updated my OS and Overbridge yet.

(question to the elektron developers) If it’s not yet possible to have the separate track with only the effects, is it planned to add such functionality ?


I think it’s always been able to route fx only to main out like the others.

But from recent memory , it can do it.
I’m not near my digitone atm but setting it up is like the other boxes.

A bit vague , maybe others can be more helpful.

I am pretty sure it didn’t in earlier versions… don’t know now…

got it working here. 2.17.11 beta (also out of date i think)
OS is 1.21 beta3 (i need to update)

running into app but i’m sure ableton is fine too.

usb - overbridge mode
rout to main - T1,T2,T3,T4 are red (off
chorus , delay , reverb are green (on)

send to fx , T1,T2,T3,T4 , chorus , delay - green (on).
chorus and delay may be the equivalent to the 2 x audio in’s (left and right) , i’m unsure as i havent tried them .

if you can setup digitakt its basically the same , go into audio routing , click some buttons to make the track ones red , fx ones green.

in the app , goto the cassette recorder page , and ensure monitoring is main only. (the switch should be green).
if you turn off main , and turn on T1 , youll hear dry audio.

quick demo.
quick recording , starts off as fx only then i just route tracks into the main while on the audio routing page.
recorded at +13db , a few audio glitches as my mac is soooo sloooowwww…

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oh yes, you are right, finally i had the time to check.
This menu wasn’t there with a couple of firmware versions ago.
Thanks for your help!

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