Digitone + Overbridge + Cubase



Hello there fellow elektronauts. I like many of you was very stoked to finally be able to use the Overbridge VST that was released a few days ago!

However this is what happened to me (in my ignorance)
I fiddled about with the VST and liked all the enchanting visually synced stuff. Very nice!

Then i went ‘look mum no computer’ offline making some tracks/ideas + controlling a few external midi modules from within the box using up the 4 extra midi tracks of the Digitone. Awesome feature!!!

!!! now the WARNING part !!!

I wanted to record those silly parts into my DAW cubase (9.5 Pro) but when i synced the Digitone and opened up my Digitone template ALL MY OFFLINE WORK WAS GONE !!! (oh, nooooooo…+ wilhelm scream)

Seems the 'Total Recall" in the VST was enabled and erased all my fiddlings in the Hardware to a previously connected session with the VST!!! (Dammit!)


1) a save button in the VST and instead of an automatic Total Recall, i would love to see a Snapshot button + a Load/Save Snapshot option to Recall past sessions & iterations and have more control over my screwups.

2) Also, i’m a bit slow when it comes to remembering every button combination and therefore sometimes by accident i erase the wrong tracks/parts when playing around in the box. Maybe it’s already there and i just haven’t figured it out yet? > an UNDO function?

3) A SONG writing mode would also be nice
( Like e.g. the old Roland MC505)

stringing of patterns with tracks T1-T4 on/off etc + Save
(or better even: being able to trigger individual tracks from different patterns alltogether like T1 from Bank 2 PTN 5 + T2 from Bank 6 PTN 4 and so on… somewhat like an old music tracker did. I can draw you a picture if you like?)

Dont want to sound like a forever whining twat but has anybody figured out the proper settings for setting up DigitoneOverbridge + W10 + Cubase 9.5+ I’m getting some doubling, feedback loops and glitches. :frowning:
some help here would be very much appreciated.

Digitone is without mentioning an awesome little beastie!
(Saving up for a Digitakt before running out of stock)



I’m on the same version of Cubase and is hoping to explore the new Overbridge stuff this week. Thank you for the heads up. I guess I’ll sysex-dump the whole thing before messing too much with total recalls :slight_smile:


Hi there,

That’s probably a good idea :slight_smile:

A heads up on Cubase if you might have missed it:

There’s a 30th year anniversary 50% off offer on upgrading to Cubase 10 right now (50,-) till 7th of June.



Did see that, will update soon :slight_smile: Thanx for reminding me!

Tested Overbridge with Cubase this morning before I went to work, damn that mutitracking over USB is neat :slight_smile: