Digitone OS 1.20


They aren’t uploaded yet, we need to wait.


Ah ok. Thank you


Probably a stupid question but are the projects and sounds safe when updating the OS? I don´t want to lose that stuff I created so far…


yes, don’t worry :slight_smile: updated last night and no problems at all.


Yes, sooo nice to have portamento, finally!!
Shout outs to @Olle and Mattias for the very well put together and feature rich portamento.

My fav trick atm is to set it to constant rate and gates, can make really trippy microtones with that.

Now off to superbooooooth


It’s always best to be safe, but I have done two updates now and all of my sounds and projects has not been affected at all by the updates.


That’s what i remember it doing last time I tried.


When you just set them up once, they aren’t. When you switching the setup often or even dynamically while jamming, names come in very handy (unless you remember all of them).

Usually when setting these things up you follow patterns that make sense to you. If you forget, you can just tweak it to see what it does, or check the mapping.

Neither have they there own CC numbers nor can you assign multiple parameters to each one (just 1 parameter).

Incorrect, the 8 new encoders on the keys are assignable to up to 5 parameters each.

Did you think I meant the encoders on the main part of the box?


This Update is really cool and usefull thanks Elektron! Love the Randomize Function :slight_smile:


Thank you Elektron for this update, it is very nice.

I found a minor bug with the control all revert fonction. It only revert the current page.
If I tweak the filter and the reverb with the control all then I revert it with MIDI+No it will only revert the reverb and not the filter.

Can we hope for a possibility of a mixer that isn’t stuck per pattern? :blush:


The fine tuning of the portmento is splendid, adding glides and acid filter damage to sega genesis-y tones is unbelievable… haven’t dived in too far yet, but I find the hole OS a little quicker to respond, mega bump elektron!


Probably been a bit thick here, and haven’t had chance to update the OS on the DN yet to mess around, but what does the change in audio routing mean?


This portamento is the TRUTH!


Where to you got that info from?

There is absolute no indication that you can assign more than one parameter to one of the new encoders in the manual. You can assign multiple parameters to the wheels, of course, but not to the encoders. There it’s a simple 1:1 mapping.

The custom user mode display page (not the assign menu) shows also only the graphical representation of the 8 parameters you have chosen (or the standard parameters when not in user mode).


for using Overbridge, it allows you to send the synth tracks out of their own digital streams in OB while removing them from the main output.
Since the FX are send/return, this would leave just the FX returns in the master channel.

In other words, it will allow you to record the master FX returns separate from the synth tracks.
A4 and Rytm work this way as well.

For Digitone Keys, people will be able to use this scheme via the 1/4" voice outputs as well, and not just with Overbridge.

And since the track outputs are stereo (both 1/4" on the keys, and digitally with OB on the module/keys) this means you’ll have 10 audio outputs.
Track 1 L + R = 2
Track 2 L + R = 2
Track 3 L + R = 2
Track 4 L + R = 2
Master L + R = 2

Get creative with sound locks and p-locked hard pans, and you’ve got quite the 10 output beast in a very compact groove box.


Great, thanks! Where i can find the free 256 new sounds from the digitone keys for my digitone? : ))) WOW! Thank you Elektron! : )


They’re not out yet , I’m guessing they’ll announce them soon as a free download.
Or someone with keys will sysex them for everyone.


I was hoping that would be the case but from the manual and demos it would seem that they only control one parameter at a time.



At first glance of the manual it looks like you could assign 5 parameters, but the graphic is just showing the first 5 in the list of 8 different knobs.

Only the pitch and mod wheels, plus each of the two CV inputs (pretty groovy) can be used as macros (4 parameters each).