Digitone OS 1.20


OT is “feature complete” according to Elektron. I wouldn’t hold my breath. Minor tweaks like the screensaver is the best we can hope for. They already added 3-4 fx, a new machine type, shortcut enhancements/Menu clean up and trig conditions in the 11 years it’s been around. This isn’t including the mkii hardware upgrade. From an os standpoint I think 1.30/1.31(mkii) is as good as it’s going to get. They may (I pray) fix some known issues with it eventually. But the era of big updates is over methinks.


So on the Digitone Keys there is User Mode to assign parameters to the knobs, is there a way for us to do the same with an external midi controller on Digitone? If not, that would be amazing. Creating pattern based macros would make live performance amazing. Even better if we get a mode to make the standard 8 knobs work as a performance mode in this way.

The control all and page reverts look super useful!

I hope one day you add an MPE mode (send a range of midi channels to a single track, so that poly pressure and pitch bend work on devices like linnstrument)

Thank you <3


Sorrily no, unless you have an external midi controller which can be customized to show names for CCs (on the external controller itself).

The USER MODE on the device itself is only accessible on the Digitone Keys. And it’s not only about the easy and fast assignment. If you press the USER MODE button the display switches to a custom page which shows the graphical representations of the controls you have assigned.


Ok I’ve tried multi mapping (super cool btw)
I’ve loaded the soundpool with perc patches and then assigned them to the multimap. I set it to int. Trig. Now it works when I use a controller on channel 10 (I have some vague memory of setting that up somewhere)

What I don’t get is how do I trig the multimap from the Digitone? I want to sequence it from my Digitone, isn’t that possible?


Why would names for CCs be important?

If the user mode knobs had their own CC numbers, you could still assign them to 1-5 parameters. Checking the midi spec, it doesn’t look like they do though.

However, noticed that multi-map lets you assign things to external midi destinations, which might be a hidden power feature. Will have to experiment.


multi-map hasn’t been accessible from the seq, in the past. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is still the case. You can rec stuff into the seq from it, but not the other way around. Someone prove me wrong.


Aah ok. So this is where the Digitone keys becomes apparently better then Digitone.


Would be the same on the keys.

Oh, do you mean, there is no way to use the multi-map from the chromatic keyboard on the digitone? only an external midi controller? That would be a butt. Make sure you are in the right octave?


Yes exactly, I can’t trig it from Digitone. I’ve checked each octave. Plus I have the soundpool ranging from c0 to g10 with an increment of 1 so each key should have a sound attached to it.

But also I want to sequence it.

So I’m guessing that by using a midi loop back it would be possible to sequence the multimap from Digitone, right?


In Cuckoo’s Analog Keys multimap video, he records a pattern of drums after using the multimap to set a different drum sound per key. Does this just get recorded into the pattern as sound locks on whatever track is active?


When you just set them up once, they aren’t. When you switching the setup often or even dynamically while jamming, names come in very handy (unless you remember all of them).

Neither have they there own CC numbers nor can you assign multiple parameters to each one (just 1 parameter).

I guess they are not even connected via MIDI internally, because encoders work in relative mode (sending +/- changes), but MIDI allows only absolute values for CCs.

There is an additional problem with using an external controller:

AFAIK there is no CC parameter value request message implemented on the Digitone. So there is no way the controller can request the actual value of a parameter. So what absolute value should it sent when you move it? This becomes even worse, when you want to control TRACK parameters via the AUTO channel. Whenever you activate a different track the external controller will know nothing about the new value and the value will jump when you move the control.


Could you explain how you then use the external controller to sequence the percentage sounds? Do you have to use live record or can you still enter per step on the sequencer?


You’d be okay with a controller with endless encoders though such as the X-Touch Mini or the Beatstep, if the DN supported this and recognised relative encoder messages. Sounds like it doesn’t though, too bad as perf knobs are one of my fave features on the A4!


Yep, it doesn’t. It interpretes every CC value as absolute value like all other Elektron devices.


i used my op-z to sequence the multimap. that was cool cause i could sequence all the drums sounds from OP-Z track 1-4 and then sequence the synth tracks on digitone through OP-Z tracks 5-8.

note stealing was a PITA though, but it worked.
what i want to do now is to sequence the multimap from digitone.


On the Digitone does the 1.20 OS include the new presents from the Digitone Keys ?


you have to download the presets from elektron.se

they are not included with the DN OS’es


That sounds like a good setup. What I’m hoping you can do is press a trig on the digitone and then hit a key on keystep to enter a specific sound lock on that step. That would be a fast workflow


Cool. Thank you


I’ve tried the Sound Packs and Support section for both but I don’t see anything.

Do you have a link please ?