Digitone OS 1.20


amazing. thx a lot for this update.

first i got the dt and the 0-coast. now i have dt + dn + 0-coast. i like this combo very much. just thinking about a used analog four mk1.

but as many users mentioned, pls dont forget to bring forward the dt with some improvements. at this moment the dn seems to be the more versatile groovebox than the dt.


yep, or velocity…


DN got multi-map, that’s huge…
Plus some rather nice other enhancements.
Nice update…


I was part of a private beta test for fixing this issue using different versions of the os. 1.20 should hopefully fix some issues I had problems after 1.10 tho not many. The original 1.20 beta killed my box for about two days. Since the public candidate testing tho, I’ve been fine save for one time when I was messing with a few controls at once that it didn’t like and froze up. Had a few dsp errors after restarting. But eventually Cleared back up. 1.20 should be a good test. You can do the update even if your dsp doesn’t boot up properly. You should notice more stability (hopefully) after the upgrade. If not then you can def get a replacement covered While still under warranty.


Yes. It is covered under warranty.


This sounds like a killer feature. Has anybody tried this yet?


This is awesome! Is the multi-map thing a common Elektron feature? If it does what it seems like it does, it seems like it would make chopping a million times easier if it came to the Digitakt.


so is the randomize per knob, can it randomize a whole page? or is it just per parameter. ie press hold yes, press hold yes, press hold yes, press hold yes, etc to random a whole page

would love to have seen random on the arp but u cant win em all :wink:


No, it isn’t. Like scale per track, compressor, arp, randomosation… so now you have to buy ALL devices to get such things MUAHAHA! (evil laugh)


It randomize entire pages. I tried on the Arp as well, no luck. It is fun though! Enjoying the portamento at the moment! Nice to P-Lock a few steps with / without portamento. Adds a nice little movement here and there!




Pitch bend, modulation wheel and aftertouch doesn’t work after I updated. Does anyone else have the same issue?


My chances of getting a chance to load and play with this sometime before the weekend are probably quite limited but that’s not going to stop me chiming in with a “I think it’s cool” post also.


It finally happened! :+1:


It would be nice to have DT’s compressor as well!


man, those are the best release notes I have ever read!

LFO seems to be plockable! I don’t see it anywhere mentioned!


Always has been


A4 and AK have Multimap. Monomachine also had a thing called Multimap, but IIRC it only let you assign and trigger sequences from the keyboard.


Been a while since I looked at my MM but yeah I think pattern and maybe tracks for splits? Or that’s in the other menu under kit… dunnno been too long :joy:


ah yeah, that was the workaround for portamento before, right? … I think I mixed it up with Arp not being plockable. Now the same dedication for DT and OT, pleaaase!