Digitone Note Sustain when DAW play midi


any idea why the digitone keep playing a note ( Sustain ) when I play a midi clip from my DAW and send it to the Digitone? Every time I press Play in my DAW (Bitwig or Live) the first or third note will stick event when I hit STOP in my DAW. I have to push the STOP on the Digitone.


It’s because the Digitone doesn’t understand the MIDI message CC123 “All notes off” :

Thanks for replying. I just found it. I disable the Sync in the Overbridge / Digitone and it work. It’s look like the the DT sequencer was pushing something to the DAW, even if I disabled Midi Out.


Did you find a alternative option other than not Sync the Digitone with the DAW?

Actually, I didn’t find any option at all.
Sync or not, the notes are stuck when I mute the track, always…

Hopefully they can up with a fix for this, reckon it’s to do with the complicated way it shares the voices… until then we just have to hit stop it seems

Damn, since I deactivated the sync, the note don’t stick has often has before, but once in awhile it happen.

Have you heard any solution or update to resolve this problem? It is really annoying.

Unfortunately not…
I don’t use the Digitone anymore because of that. I’m waiting for the next update to know if I have to sell it in case it isn’t fixed…

Hi, I’m doing a follow-up regarding this problem. I did not have time to try but anyone know is this issue has been fix with the recent official release?

I definitely still experience stuck notes with Overbridge, but the results can be pretty awesome:

I do hope it’s eventually addressed. A lot of negativity around this topic on the forum - definitely not trying to douse the flames.

Anyone here by chance found a solution?
Using digitone and cubase and get this stuck notes thing figured out…

I contacted Elektron not to long ago and they told me it’s been fix for the next firmware update.

“”"This issue has been fixed for the next firmware release. The issue affects Digitone only. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.


Patrik - Elektron"""


Thanks for the update.
It’s good to know it’s not my doing :slight_smile:

Let’s wait…

It’s your lucky day…

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Holy crap, just saw this on their Facebook feed!
Hope this indeed fixes the issue.

I’ve been using it for the last few weeks. it does :slight_smile: however latency when using midi from daw + overbridge is still present. they’re aware and looking into possible solutions without promise on when/if it’s possible. the issue being all the audio latency is handled by the daws latency compensation for vst plugins so getting midi information passed through the vst to the hardware, physical sound being made, tapped, routed back via usb into the vst… you can see it gets pretty complex pretty fast.

I don’t say that to discourage anyone just to temper expectations.


I am in the process of moving and all my gear are pack. Let me know your experience if it solve the issue.


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