Digitone not working with Cubase using Overbridge

I use cubase 10 and when booting up the app on windows, I did get the audio interface panel, asking me what to use. I saw digitone in there; but I picked my usual audio interface.

Now, after adding an instrument track to Cubase, and after loading overbridge on it, I can see the track audio meter moving when I play the keys on the Digitone, but it doesn’t seem to get any audio over USB when recording. I can’t see neither the single tracks nor the main merged output; it just move the meter bar on the track; and I can hear correctly the sound, but nothing is recorded.

The Overbridge manual sadly is from January, and the only setup example they have is for ableton live, not cubase. Any cubase user that have a digitone here, that can share how did they config their project? I tried to use the digitone as audio interface; I can see the single tracks channels but for some reasons the output is still not recorded


So far no luck; I think I will send out a mail to the support team; since I can’t figure this out and there is no documentation explaining the process anywhere. If it was not working at all I would not even bother, and record the audio directly from the output of the Digitone, but it does work, it is just not recording anything.

Guess nobody use Cubase; everyone is on the Ableton live train?

I think you can’t simply press record on instrument tracks, i might be wrong though. I send the DN instrument track to a group track, and then use that as an input into an audiotrack. These you can record.

I thought it would work as any other VST: when I play the VST track (for example Massive or Loom), when I play that track, I hear the sound, when I record that track, the midi track is recorded, and the sound play to the main output.

With overbridge, this doesn’t seem to be the case. I am fine adding audio tracks and re-route the signal, but it is a lot of work; and you end up with 10 tracks just for the digitone (1 main, 1 for the digitone VST, 4 audio track to record the actual audio and 4 midi to record the midi part).