Digitone not turning on sometimes

I got my Digitone a week ago. The second day I went to turn it on and the lights flashed for a second and it shut down. I unplugged it and tightened all the connections on the power supply and it ended up working. I figured it was a loose connection.

Yesterday when I got home the same thing happened. I am beginning to worry that I got a flaky unit. The only thing it could be is that my power strip (rated at 4320 Joules) is overloaded with 6 synths, a mixer, and powered speakers. No other gear is complaining though. Has this happened to anyone else?

A typical synth takes 20W
Powered Speakers max out only when you go deaf, so lets give them 100W each.
The mixer takes no more than 50W

As one W equals one Joule, you have
120W+100+100+50=370J what is like nothing. The average vacuum cleaner takes 600+, a heater goes with 1.500+

You are totally fine on your power chord.

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It seems quite odd. I’ve had my Digitone since April, and it does this intermittently as well. For a while I thought it was my power strip as well, but it does it even plugged directly into the wall.

I own a Digitakt and it’s never had this issue.

Since it does it intermittently, I’ve been lazy and have not contacted support about it yet (nor have I about the ‘1’ key that gets stuck if I press it wrong).

All that to say – you’re not alone in this problem, but I’ve seen no one else report it. It may be localized to specific units, and it may be worth it to exchange your unit if still possible.

I have two digitones, 1 from Sweetwater’s second batch, 1 from their third. I have never had that specific issue with it not turning on. Only similar problem I have encountered is one freezing if I turn them on at the exact same time (they are connected to each other thru midi) so I power one on then wait for the logo to dissolve then I turn on the other

If you are dissatisfied with the unit then discuss the problem with the seller. If you need technical support then create a support ticket on Elektron’s website.

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Hi, same problem here
I turned on the digitone but I accidentally turned it off before it turns on and now, flashes briefly and does not turn on

I agree with those that recommend returning the defective unit either for a new one, or a refund. If you exchange it, make sure you tell your retailer that you want one in a factory sealed box - that way you don’t end up with someone else’s returned unit.

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My unit is having this problem after 1 month… i suppose there´s no easy fix except RMA to sat? it seems to power on after connecting the power for 1 minute without switch on, also might be related to the usb, can´t really find a clear reason that makes it work… once it start it won´t fail, again untill i park it for days and the problem appears again.

oh no, my digitone does that too. it´s about 2 weeks old… thanks for the 1 minute powering tip, works for me at the moment… but ehhhhhh

that 1 minute thing is interesting.
maybe much more units have that issue.
i leave on/off switches on on most of my equipment and power the units with a main switch.
should i not do that with the digitone?
does it need warm up time before switching it on ?
are here digitone users powering their units like me without having that issue ?

Same here, it happens sometimes with my AR too, I just have to off/on the power button and it starts normally. Happened like 1 time on the DN, 3 on the AR. Idk if it is a real problem or just a little bug.

just got the same issue … interesting …

just add to turn it unplugged and it worked

same issue with my DN Keys. Just went to turn it on quick flash then nothing. Sent ticket. hope to get it fixed!